Rentals tourist in Paris: already more fines in 2017

The volume of fines imposed for rentals tourist illegal in Paris in 2018 is already higher than that recorded over the whole of the year 2017, more than 1.3 million euros, announced on Wednesday that Ian Brossat, assistant to the housing (PCF) at the town Hall of the capital. “Between January 1, 2018 and August 15, we recorded 1.38 million euros in fines related to rentals of furnished tourist illegal,” said Mr Brossat AFP, recalling that by 2017, 1.3 million euros had been collected as at 31 December. According to Mr Brossat, 111 accommodations are concerned, for an average of € 12,000 fine. It is “multi-owners” praising unduly their(s) residence(s) secondary(s). “These are professionals disguised as amateurs, indignant, and Mr Brossat, emphasizing that the ads in question were “very heavily” placed on the platform Airbnb.

Paris has recently strengthened its legal arsenal against the rentals are illegal, by imposing, for example, to display a registration number on the ad, in particular, to verify that the owners don’t exceed the length limit legal rental of 120 days per year for primary residences. In April, the City had assigned in the referred platforms Airbnb and Wimdu, accused of not to have withdrawn advertisements without registration number.

The draft law on the housing Elan, debated in Parliament, proposes to strengthen regulation by requiring the lessor to convey to the municipality the count of the number of overnight stays has been the subject of a lease during the year. It also calls for escalating penalties against the owners not complying with their obligations and new fines for the platforms. In Paris intra-muros, Airbnb account 65.000 accommodations, so that 80,000 rooms of other hotels exist in the capital. According to the City, Paris has lost in five years some 20,000 dwellings, converted into a furnished tourist and rented permanently.

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