Logan Paul reveals FaceTime with Floyd Mayweather annoyed boxing legend enough to land unexpected fight contract

LOGAN PAUL has revealed he wound up Floyd Mayweather so much during a FaceTime it landed him his incredible 2021 fight.

Paul will take on 50-0 Money in a special exhibition bout in February.


Logan Paul claims he irritated Floyd Mayweather into agreeing to fight him[/caption]

Instagram @fanmio

Mayweather will fight Paul in a February exhibition after the pair signed contracts[/caption]

And the YouTube star, 25, has claimed it all started at a random charity basketball game last year.

The pair were playing on opposite teams when Mayweather ‘put hands on him’, which Paul called ‘disrespectful’.

Paul said he’s ‘never forgotten and never forgiven him’ for it.

He concluded: “So now I’ve gotta kick his a**e.”

From there, Paul concocted a plan: To wind up Mayweather, 43, so much at a fan meet and greet on Fanmio that the Las Vegas legend had no option but to fight him.

After initially intending to just ‘chirp a bit’ during the call, Paul joked: “The next thing you know, I’m talking s*** to the greatest boxer on the planet.”

Addressing Mayweather, Paul said: “I got a question for you: You down to fight me?”

Mayweather quickly replied: “If you’re a real fighter, yeah.

How Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul compare ahead of their fight

“The thing is, you know who I am, but I don’t know who you are.”

Logan hit back, saying: “I know for a fact you’re lying… I’ve been in your gym so many times.

“You’ve been there, we shook hands, I said ‘hey whassup’, you said ‘hey whassup’…”

Floyd stood firm, saying: “That don’t mean I know who you are.”

Paul continued: “I’ll answer your question. I’m the dude who sold out the Staples Center fighting another YouTuber (his 2019 loss to KSI).

“What I wanna do with you is create the biggest f***ing fight the world has ever seen.”

Floyd joked: “Without you I can do that…

“This ain’t what you do. You play boxing. I fight for real, you know that.”


Logan Paul gatecrashed a fan meet and greet to ‘get under Mayweather’s skin’[/caption]

Mayweather then asked one of his team to hang up on Paul and get the next fan caller on the line.

Reflecting on the encounter, Paul told his YouTube subscribers: “So I think I got under his skin a little bit or p***ed him off.

“Because a few weeks later I was presented with an actual contract.”

Paul then admitted he combined his training with mercilessly tearing into Mayweather at any opportunity to ‘rile him up’.

On one occasion, Paul shared a video teaching Mayweather how to spell his own name.

Money then publicly announced the fight on his Instagram and the rest, as they say, is history.

Despite signing the deal, Paul recently admitted it ‘makes no f***ing sense’ and thought it was ‘fantasy’ for a while.

Meanwhile, Logan recently called his little brother Jake ‘f***ing dumb’ for his outrageous, X-rated rant at Conor McGregor ahead of their potential 2021 fight.


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