Lonah Chemtai Salpeter, champion israeli and symbol

Lonah Chemtai Salpeter has completely dominated the race, in Berlin on Wednesday. With a time of 31 min 43 sec 29, the Israeli 29-year-old triumphed in the final of the 10,000 meters ladies, ahead of more than 9 seconds its first prosecutor, the Netherlands Susan Krumins. At the end of the race, the champion has proudly brandished the flag of Israel, his country of adoption. On social networks, many users have praised this image, the crowning glory of a personal story unique.

Born in Kenya, Lonah Chemtai Salpeter arrived in Israel in 2008. She was the nanny of a diplomat in kenya, as well as tells the site,”Times of Israel“, quoting a television report in 2016. She met a coach of athletics, Daniel Salpeter, whom she married and with whom she had a baby boy, Roy. Two years ago, the young woman had struggled to get the israeli nationality in order to participate in the olympic Games in Rio. While she was winning races at the local level, the athlete did not have the right to be on the podium because she was not Israeli, was then “Haaretz” in an article devoted to the young woman.

“More israeli than us”

While the media eventually enable him to win the case, the relatives of Lonah Chemtai Salpeter had pointed to 2016 as the young sport has been confronted with racism. “People say : “How your family has she been able to accept it? It is different” It took precisely five seconds to ensure that my family accepts and loves him. It is just great. It seems to me that she is more israeli than all of us’, had declared in a television report, the sister of Daniel Salpeter. In this same report, the latter was annoyed at the attitude of some officials, who, according to him, pretended not to understand English spoken by Lonah Chemtain Salpeter, tinged with an accent. “They had decided not to understand it,’ said her husband.

“This medal is an honour for my flag, for my country and for me, for all the hard work I did to get it,” she said after the race, as cited by Reuters.

The victory of Lonah Chemtai Salpeter in Berlin comes as a profound discussion of identity through the country. In July, the israeli Parliament adopted a new law which opponents believe that it is a source of inequalities to the disadvantage of the minority non-jewish. Tens of thousands of people marched to denounce last Saturday in Tel Aviv.

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