‘Lone wolf’ Nashville bomber Anthony Warner ‘used his credit card to buy explosive chemicals,’ FBI told

THE FBI has been told Nashville bomber Anthony Warner used his own credit card to buy “chemical precursors” to make an explosive device, The Sun can reveal.

And at least one test at the site where he detonated his RV packed with explosives on Christmas Day has shown he most likely used nitroglycerin to create the massive blast.


Anthony Warner used his credit card to buy “chemical precursors”[/caption]

A source close to the investigation said Warner had bought “chemical precursors and security alarms” using a credit card in his name.

The Sun was told: “The FBI has received information from a bank holding company on an active credit card for Warner. 

“Preliminary searches indicates the purchases of chemical precursors to make explosives and security alarms.”

The source added: “Initial results also show nitroglycerin was found on a residue swab taken from a tree trunk at the blast site.”


The Christmas Day blast was caught on CCTV cameras[/caption]

Investigators also believe Warner’s pet dog perished alongside him in the blast.

The source said: “It is believed Warner had his dog with him at the time of detonation.

“Canine DNA has been found alongside Warner’s DNA.”

The Sun has told how Warner claimed he “intended to travel on Christmas Eve to spend a few weeks in the woods with his dogs.”

The Sun

Warner lived in this small ground-floor apartment and is believed to have owned at least one dog[/caption]

The computer seized from Warner’s Nashville apartment was damaged and investigators are yet to retrieve any information from it.

However, investigators are hoping to make it operable but might have to wait until the New Year to do so because of the difficulty finding replacement parts.

Detectives are hoping the hard drive will contain a manifesto or at least some clues as to why Warner carried out the attack.

There has been speculation the 63 year old was paranoid about the new 5G phone system spying on Americans which is why he parked his explosives-packed RV outside Nashville’s AT&T building.

Warner gifted two properties in Nashville to the daughter of a former friend, LA-based Michelle Swing, 29. Swing’s mother claims her daughter is “completely innocent” and was Warner’s victim

Investigators have also been combing through several weeks of CCTV footage from downtown Nashville in the hope of seeing Warner visiting the area.

Police have now formally identified Warner as the bomber following DNA tests.

Nashville Police has been contacted for comment.

*The woman whose daughter was gifted homes by Warner last spoke to him “more than 40 years ago” The Sun has been told.

Maria Swing, 61, is believed to have known the bomber when she was in her teens.

Her daughter Michelle, 29, who Warner signed over the deeds to his two Nashville properties, is thought to have told the FBI that her mother and Warner knew each other.

Maria, speaking to The Sun from her home in Lenoir City, TN, insisted her daughter was Warner’s “victim.”

Maria told us: “It happened more than 40 years ago.

“My daughter is completely innocent in this, completely innocent.

“She’s his victim. She had no idea about the properties.

“That’s all I can say. All questions have to go to the FBI office in Nashville.”


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