Loose Women’s Nadia Sawalha praises new bra for giving her ‘tired t**s’ more shape

LOOSE Women star Nadia Sawalha gushed over the benefits of a brand new bra for perking up her “tired old t**s” as she stripped to her underwear on Instagram.

The ITV panelist, 56, gave a flash of her black lingerie as she pulled a skintight strappy dress down to her midriff.


Nadia Sawalha proudly flashed her bra in a cheeky Instagram video[/caption]

She then gave an eyeful of the chic black garment, before running her hands over the cups with a huge smile on her face.

In the caption, former EastEnders star Nadia fizzed with excitement as she wrote: “l’m in all kinds of heaven My no1 bra gives these tired old t**s of mine a great shape and the wires don’t dig in AT ALL … mmmmm pure comfort!

“Did you know bras take six months to make and involve highly ‘technical’ thingymebobs!!

“And now no 1 are extending their size range with new designs and the stock is heading our way !! You can preorder so you don’t miss out on these lovely jublees by heading over to the website to put your order in!”


The Loose Women star grabbed her chest as she gushed over the benefits of her lingerie for her ‘tired old t**s’[/caption]


She pulled down her strappy black frock to reveal the underwear in full glory[/caption]

Poking fun at her own poses, she added: “You never know you might start prancing about in the garden like I do?

“Would you dare???”

Earlier this year, Nadia stripped to her bra for a sexy shoot and said wearing comfy undies is one of the things she loves about getting older.

“I think if you are too uncomfortable you can’t be yourself,” she said.


Nadia, 56, poked fun at herself ‘prancing’ in her garden[/caption]

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The broadcaster often promotes positivity on her page[/caption]

“And there is nothing more attractive than someone who is confident with themselves.

“There are many times when I have gone out to a do or a red carpet thing and I am done up like a dog’s dinner, and I might be standing very still and looking lovely.

“And the amount of times I have just gone off and got changed.”

Grabbing her boobs with both hands, Nadia clearly loves the skin she’s in as she modelled the revolutionary new ‘no dig’ no1 bra.


Nadia is a panelist and anchor on ITV’s Loose Women[/caption]


She said she loves being older because she doesn’t have to ‘squeeze into things that don’t feel right and look a certain way’[/caption]

“That’s one of the things I love about being older – that I don’t feel I have to squeeze myself into things that don’t feel right and look a certain way,” The Loose Women star gushed.

“And I think probably in some ways I think I look the best that I have because of that.

“Because I’m like ‘This is me’.”


The TV personality first stripped off for an un-airbrushed underwear shoot with the Loose Women three years ago[/caption]


In her latest nude skit, Nadia mocked SKIMS shapewear founder Kim Kardashian[/caption]

The TV personality first stripped off for an unairbrushed underwear shoot with the Loose Women three years ago.

They then stripped this year to fight back against airbrushing and the culture of “body tuning” images.

Nadia’s body confidence also hit new heights last year when she posted a naked photo on Instagram to reveal her “flaws” and poke fun at body perfect celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow.

In her latest nude skit, Nadia mocked Kim Kardashian telling fans how to “smooth out her cellulite” with shapewear.


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