The opponent Russian Alexei Navalny arrested in front of his home

The opponent number one in the Kremlin, Alexei Navalny, was arrested Saturday in front of his home for unknown reasons, announced his spokesperson Kira Iarmych on Twitter.

“Navalny was detained there two hours in front of his house. It is now at the police station in Danilovsky (Moscow, ed.) They have not been told why he was arrested. They took his phone,” wrote the spokesman on his Twitter account in the early afternoon.

“They have missed a call, he called me and told. After this call, he took his phone,” she added in an interview given to radio Echo of Moscow, adding that he would be assisted by his lawyers.

This arrest is “probably related” to the intent of Alexei Navalny to hold demonstrations on 9 September against the very unpopular project of reform of the pension system, ” added Ms. Iarmych.

A few hours before his arrest, Alexei Navalny announced on his Twitter account that he would make the “cool ads” in his live broadcast on the social networks and expected to be 13 hours (Moscow time), approximately the time at which the arrest took place.

The opposing party has harshly criticised the proposed increase in the retirement age.

2.9 million signatures for its petition

The opposition is unusual in a measure supported by the president Vladimir Putin is also expressed through an online petition calling for the cancellation of the reform, which collected 2.9 million signatures.

Mr Navalny has multiplied in recent months the demonstrations to put pressure on the Kremlin, after having been declared ineligible to the presidential election of march 18, won without surprise by Vladimir Putin.

On 15 June, the opponent is 42-year-old had been arrested for organizing a protest two days before the inauguration of Vladimir Putin to a fourth presidential term, and for disobeying the police.

He had served 30 days in detention and was released the day of the start of the football world Cup in Russia.

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