Louane in a relationship with a famous French DJ ? It responds !

While Louane and Kungs would go out together for a few months, the DJ has finally responded to the rumor !

But where are they ? Well, yes, the meltynautes, a few months ago, we learned that the little prodigy of the Family, Ram would be in a relationship with a famous French DJ, Kungs. A romance that they had never formalized publicly, preferring to avoid all the questions about their potential relationship. However, the magazine Paris Match recently had the opportunity to speak with Valentin Brunel, his real name in order to draw up an accurate picture of the one who became a true phenomenon on the French music scene. If he took the opportunity to unveil himself on his career and on his trips abroad, he also answered the question that everyone asks.

Live a beautiful love story with Louane ? “I’m happy next to my own, that’s all there is to know !” A statement mysterious, which can neither formalize nor to deny. One thing is certain, the young man wants to keep his private life as discreet as possible and to reconcile it with his career, he knows that he needs to organize in the best way possible : “Everything is a matter of organization and time management. Even if, this month, I’ve only had three days off… When I don’t, I’m trying to move away the most possible from my mobile phone to fully dedicate myself to my family.” In the meantime, please be aware that Marina Kaye was again down Louane.

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