Love Island 2021 latest – Chloe and Toby come to blows as bombshell Abigail turns his head after AJ and Danny dumped

WE are almost one month in to this year’s Love Island and the drama is well and truly underway.

The most recent instalment saw two Islanders get savagely dumped by their castmates, before three new bombshells arrived.

And bombshells they are, with stunning Abigail’s entrance turning Toby’s head – leaving his partner Chloe furious.

The pair came to blows as she confronted him on his grafting of the new girl – and he wasn’t happy when she suggested that he was immature.

But it’s not all bad news with the newbies, as Kaz appears to have finally met her dream man in hunky Tyler.

A tantalizing teaser for the next Love Island episode showed the two smooching on the balcony – much to fans’ delight.

Elsewhere, Hugo has caught the attention of pretty Georgia, but viewers believe she could be the THRID girl that he pies as he continues to reside on ‘Friendship Island’.

In fact, there was so much going on in the jam-packed hour that you’d be easily forgiven for forgetting the shock right at the start – with poor AJ and Danny get booted from the Island after less than a week after their pals chose to save Chloe, Lucinda, Teddy, and Toby instead.

As the old saying goes; all’s fair in love and war…

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