Love Island fans livid as Millie splits £50k cash prize with Liam and fails to take revenge for Casa Amor betrayal

LOVE Island fans are livid after Millie Court decided to split the £50k cash prize with Liam Reardon instead of getting revenge for his Casa Amor betrayal.

The couple were crowned winners of the ITV2 show during Monday’s final, beating Chloe and Toby.


Love Island fans are livid Millie Court shared the £50,000 with Liam Reardon during Monday’s final[/caption]


Millie gave her new boyfriend £25k but some viewers wished she had taken revenge for his behaviour in Casa Amor[/caption]

Seconds after the shock of winning, host Laura Whitmore asked them to pick up two gold envelopes each, one with a black heart on the front and one with a red.

One envelope contained the £50,000 prize, while the other had nothing.

Liam said Millie could choose first, and when she opened her red hearted envelope, it revealed the cash prize.

Laura then asked Millie if she wanted to steal the money or split it with new boyfriend Liam, and she decided to split.

But despite receiving the most votes from the public to win, some were not happy that Millie didn’t hit Liam where it hurt in the final moments of the show after how he had behaved in Casa Amor earlier in the series.

Liam had snogged Lillie, and despite coming back to the main villa alone, his connection with Lillie was soon revealed to a shocked Millie.

The couple had a rough few days while Millie struggled to forgive him, but he eventually won her affections back and subsequently, the show.

While Millie had moved on from the betrayal, viewers clearly hadn’t, with one writing on Twitter: “So wanted Millie to steal the 50k and say byeeee Lillie is waiting outside.”

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Another added: “Can’t believe Millie didn’t steal the money. Should have played the long game hun.”

A third tweeted: “A wee bit of me wanted Millie to steal the money there Rolling on the floor laughing as revenge for Casa amor.”

Meanwhile a fourth shared: “Really wanted Millie to steal and say ‘that’s for Lillie you p***k’”.


Millie said she had been on the show for love not money[/caption]


The couple became officially boyfriend and girlfriend moments before they were announced winners[/caption]

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