Love Island fans think Maura and Curtis already knew each other – and she’s desperate to land place on Dancing With The Stars

LOVE Island fans are convinced that Maura and Curtis already knew each other before the show and she’s desperate to land a place on Dancing With The Stars.

The Irish grid girl has made a move on the dancer – who is well-known in Ireland – and fans think it’s all rather calculated.

Fans think Curtis and Maura might have met before

Curtis has been based in Ireland since 2017 while working as a pro dancer on the show and has clearly been aware of Maura for some time.

When she first entered the villa he admitted he had sent her a message on Instagram and even told her about it while she cracked on to him.

Maura denied seeing the message but those watching at home think she’s more than aware of who is he and has even met him before in the past.

Taking to Twitter to discuss it, one person wrote: “I’d say Maura already knew who Curtis was as he was a dancer on dancing with the star’s which aired in Ireland and he msg her on insta so it’s all a fix.”

Maura and Curtis have both been based in Ireland at the same time

Another added: “Just remembering when Maura initially entered the villa Curtis said he sent her a DM on Insta and she never replied. Bet she did and they met when he worked in Ireland on @DWTSIRL #LoveIsland.”

Others think it’s all part of Maura’s master plan to get a spot on the dance show.

“Maura doesn’t like Curtis. She wants to be on dancing with the stars and he is her link. #loveisland,” remarked one.

While someone else added: “Maura you clever, clever girl. Curtis is a professional on Dancing with the Stars Ireland 🇮🇪. When Love Island is over you can cash in and maybe get asked to take part. Good thinking Bat Girl. #LoveIsland.”

Curtis is well known in Ireland thanks to Dancing With The Stars

Viewers have been struggling to come to terms with Maura fancying Curtis and many have suggested it’s fake and she’s game playing.

During tonight’s episode, Amy Hart will confront her about trying it on with him after warning her off them.

But it seems despite getting things off her chest it’s not enough to persuade Amy to stay.

We revealed earlier today that she has quit the show after being left heartbroken by Curtis, who cruelly dumped her after Casa Amor.

Amy made the decision to leave after Maura cracked on to Curtis


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