Love Island girls go dress shopping for the final as the boys write declarations of love in first look at tonight’s final

LOVE Island 2019 is about to come to an end, which is why the girls went dress shopping for the summer ball as the boys prepared soppy speeches.

The first look at tonight’s final saw the islanders spend their last full day in the villa.


The Love Island finalists celebrate their last night in the villa[/caption]

Molly-Mae described it as a “pinch-me-moment”, adding: “It just doesn’t feel real.”

She then received a text, which read: “Islanders, Tonight you will all attend the Love Island 2019 Summer Ball.

“It’s now time to brush up on your dance moves.”

The whole villa got involved in a dance class to prepare them for a romantic twirl that evening.


India goes shopping with the girls[/caption]

Professional dancer Curtis wastes no time in showing off his skills but the other Islanders
don’t pick up the moves as easily.

Especially Tommy, whose unique style has got the other islanders talking.

“Tommy moves like he’s walking in cement,” laughed Ovie.Speaking in the Beach Hut, Ovie says “Tommy moves like he is walking in cement!”

Tommy reflects in the Beach Hut on the dancing masterclass. He says “Everyone has got that looseness about them but I can’t grasp it. The other boys are like elastic bands and I’m just a brick!”


They get a chance to get out of the villa[/caption]

Later the girls were invited on a shopping trip to pick out a special dress for the occasion.

Excited about getting to leave the villa, they all chanted “shopping, shopping” in the Beach Hut.

Maura looked as though she was faking excitement as the other girls raised her hand in the air.

She then had a clash in taste with Molly-Mae over a polka dot dress that she thought was “a bit of her”, but the 20-year-old disagreed.

Back at the villa the guys are writing their declarations of love, with Greg pointing out they’re all at very different stages of their relationships.

After they all get glammed up, Ovie makes a toast to being in the final four, telling the group: “All of you ladies look absolutely amazing.

“I’ve got to be a bit biased and say ‘India, you look phenomenal’ I feel like all of us guys are really lucky guys. To the final, guys!”

Molly-Mae gets a text about the dance classs

They then get up one by one to make their declarations to each other and Curtis and Maura are up first.
Curtis says: “Once upon a time, there was man on a journey. He had one goal in mind on his journey of crazy events.

“That goal, was to find a princess. This princess wasn’t just any princess, she was the most beautiful princess in all the lands…”
Maura says “Curtis. Here before you I stand a very different woman, to the one who walked in the villa seven weeks ago.

“I had to spend my first few weeks watching somebody else fall in love with you, when all I really wanted was it to be me you were dancing with…”

The boys learn how to dance

It was then India and Ovie’s turn to tell each other how they feel.
Ovie says: “Since you took me on that first breakfast date, the good energy hasn’t stopped since.

“You’ve cheered me up and made me smile and you’ve even had Mr Cool feeling nervous.

“If there was one thing I could change, it would have been that you would have
come sooner…”
India says “Firstly, I want to thank you for making my time in the villa so amazing. I think we
can all see that you were carved by angels. I couldn’t have prepared myself for what comes
with it. You are so kind, caring and considerate. You’ve proven to me that chivalry isn’t


Tommy struggled to perfect his moves[/caption]

When it’s Amber and Greg’s turn, Greg reveals he has penned a poem for Amber.
Greg says “I’m going to keep this short and sweet, just like when we first came to meet. Up
in the Hideaway sheltered from the trouble, we instantly connected and formed our own
little bubble…”
Amber says “It would be fair to say that I’ve had quite a journey in the villa this summer.
There have been so many highs and then some lows, but then along came Greg. Thank you

for helping to build me back up. You’ve always been so sweet and lovely to me and you’ve
managed to bring out my soft side…”

Finally, Molly-Mae and Tommy make their declarations with Tommy make a dramatic gesture to kick-start his speech.

Dropping his cards to the floor he announced: “This isn’t me. I want my heart to speak to you, not my mouth.

“From the first moment I walked up into the Hideaway, I instantly knew I had seen the most beautiful girl on this entire planet. You’re absolutely everything I’ve ever wanted in a girl…”
Molly-Mae says “Tommy. For someone whose career depends on fighting other people, you’re the gentlest person I’ve ever met. You’re my best friend and the most incredible dad to our Elly-Belly.

“Thank you for showing me kindness and nothing but pure love every day.”

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