Love Island lie detector tests are ‘complete rubbish’ and shouldn’t be trusted, according to an expert

THE Love Island couples were left in tatters last night as they stressed over the results of the infamous lie detector test.

The girls really put their men through their paces – asking them everything from who they fancied most, to whether their heads could be turned in the outside world – and not everyone liked the answers.

The infamous Love Island lie detector test shook the villa last night – but a polygraph expert has said it’s all ‘rubbish’

But an expert in the field has claimed the Islanders have got nothing to worry about – because the test they did was “complete rubbish”.

Speaking exclusively to the Sun Online – Jason Hubble, who owns Lie Detection UK, said: “I think it’s complete rubbish, it’s an insult to what we do, it’s playing with people’s lives because people are actually buying it all. They’re playing God here.

“The environment was too charged and far too stressful. Having your ex-partner asking you questions, that would throw it completely. You might as well flip a coin with the accuracy levels.

“You need to have it in a neutral environment with a neutral person.”

Justin Hubble claims you can’t tell if someone’s actually lying or not under such ‘stressful conditions’
While letting someone’s ex grill them is about as accurate as ‘flipping a coin’, he adds

Last night’s show saw the Love Islanders asked eight questions – decided by their partner – by another villa housemate.

In poor Jack Fowler’s case, this saw him grilled by his ex Laura Anderson.

But according to Jason, a lie detector test would normally focus on one question – which would be asked in three different ways to ensure accuracy.

He said: “A polygraph test normally takes two hours. That test will comprise a single issue – e.g. infidelity.

“For that we’d have three relevant questions on that subject. The questions are very specific.

“So ‘since 2011, when you’ve been with your partner, have you engaged in sexual intercourse with anyone else?’

You might as well flip a coin with the accuracy levels

Jason Hubble, owner of Lie Detection UK

“They’re very specific and they’re very fair to the person that we’re testing. That test will give us an accuracy level of anywhere between 92 – 98 per cent.”

But everyone’s different, and Jason stresses the time-consuming pre-test is essential for an accurate result.

He added: “How do I know if someone’s lying? You have to ask a comparison for every question.

“You need to have a pre-test interview for a good hour, talking about things to calm them down.

“I get someone to lie and you see what happens to their body, and you are comparing that to the directed question.”

Dani and Jack had a blazing row over whether his head could be turned in the future – but Jason says you only test for things which have already happened

Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham had a blazing row after he failed her question: “Could you be tempted by other girls outside of the villa?”

But Jason insists you can only test on things which have already happened – not whether someone’s head could be turned.

He claimed: “You can’t test on attraction, you can’t test on emotion and you can’t test on intent.

“I get calls about this regularly saying ‘I want to test my partner on if she would have an affair’.

“You’d come in, and on the day you’d pass, the next day you’d change your mind and you may have an affair. We test on fact and fact only.

“Questions should only be asked by a neutral person, with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. If you’re not asked by a neutral person, it won’t work. Especially someone who’s your ex-partner.”

In a normal lie detector test, people are tested by trained professionals and given test questions to see what happens to their body when they lie

And as for the other Islanders watching in the living room?

Jason said: “We don’t even have anyone else in the room, because again that really does affect the accuracy levels.”

Of the test itself, Jason added: “We’re looking for significant movements in your blood pressure, significant sweat gland activity, slight changes in your breathing, blood flow to your fingers – we’re looking for the fight or flight reaction.

You can’t test on attraction, you can’t test on emotion and you can’t test on intent

Jason Hubble, owner of Lie Detection UK

“All of these things happen when somebody lies but we have to have a comparison. We have to know what happens to that person’s body when they lie.

“Without a comparison, there is no accuracy whatsoever.

“Because everyone’s body responds slightly differently when you’re asking questions, so you need to have something to compare it against.”

An ITV spokesman said: “We use a genuine lie detector test.”

Last year’s winner Amber Davies has also had her say on the Love Island lie detector – and how “terrifying” it is being strapped up.

While fans fear Jack has QUIT the villa after a preview clipped showed him storming off after blazing row with Dani.

And Dani has threatened to DUMP Jack over the results – saying “I can’t be with a liar”.


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