Love Island think Luke M will be FORCED to pick Shaughna in brutal dumping twist

LOVE Island fans think that Luke M will be FORCED to pick Shaughna in tonight’s recoupling for a brutal dumping twist.

Viewers have flocked to social media to claim that ITV2 producers want the South London beauty to do well – so will fix the ceremony in her favour.

Fans think that Luke will be FORCED to choose Shaughna

Shaughna, Demi, and Casa Amor babe Natalia are the most at risk of leaving the villa as the boys get their pick of the bunch – with Luke and new boy Jamie the only single boys in the villa.

Both Demi and Shaughna have been getting to know 24-year-old Luke, with Demi the first to make a move as sparks flew between the pair earlier this week.

Last night, Shaughna told Jamie that she now only has eyes for the Justin Bieber lookalike – and she is no longer interested in getting to know him.

Fans are now worried that Demi will be blindsided by the democratic services officer – and that showrunners are actively trying to force Luke and Shaughna together.

Shaughna told Luke she had feelings for him yesterday
Viewers have seen sparks fly between Luke and Demi

Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote: “The producers probably will force Luke to pick Shaughna.”

Another added: “Sorry – I hate this contrived Luke M and Shaughna storyline, ITV seem to be doing all they can do to force a Shaughna win.”

A third said: “Love Island is about to make their WORST series yet, even worse because they are trying to force Luke M & Shaughna on us. Load of sh*t.”

One disgruntled viewer speculated: “What if the producers make Luke M choose Shaughna for shock value???”

One girl will be dumped from the villa tonight
Luke and newbie Jamie are the only single men

A second argued that newbie Jamie will have the first choice, and once he picks Demi Luke will have to choose Shaughna after he was previously pied by Natalia.

They wrote: “Prediction: Producers want Shaughna to do well so they will make Jamie pick first, he picks Demi & Luke M will pick Shaughna.

“Natalia will be dumped.”

Another agreed: “Luke M will want to couple up with Demi, but Jamie will get to pick first, and he’ll pick Demi over Natalia, leaving Luke M to couple up with Shaughna.”

A Love Island rep told The Sun Online: “Love Island is not fixed.”



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