Love Island viewers horrified as Dr Alex George gives graphic description of a C-section

DOCTOR Alex George put Love Island viewers off their supper tonight as he gave a graphic description of a C-section.

The 27-year-old told the boys what he has had to do when he’s helped to deliver babies in his day job as the villa took on the baby challenge.

Dr Alex George gave a graphic description of a C-section on tonight’s Love Island

Lying on their beds, Alex described where he makes an incision, and how he has to first go through the fat layer then muscular layer with his scalpel.

He said: “As you go you have to tear, what you don’t want to do is cut muscle you want to tear it as it will heal better.”

In the Beach Hut, Wes Nelson praised women and that a C-section “sounds horrific”.

Back in the bedroom, Alex continued to explain how you then cut along the uterus, adding: “Unfortunately you have to tear that, you both pull, the two surgeons until it comes apart.”

The other boys were horrified by what he told them

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Wes Nelson said it sounded “horrific”

Once the baby is out the drama isn’t over as he explained: “The big thing is bleeds like hell, you can lose litres of blood.”

As the guys pulled horrified faces, viewers took to Twitter to share how queasy they were from the chat.


One wrote: “Alex talking about a c-section has me questioning myself do I want a baby in the future or what myyyy nervessss” while another  shared: “That was the most graphic, brutal, detailed description i’ve heard of c-section. Never knew it was that mad.”

A third added: “Alex talking about C-section, tearing parts of the uterus, made me feel so queasy, Oh no thank you.”

A fourth agreed, tweeting: “Not many times I’d say no to chocolate but my sister offering some whilst Alex is graphically describing a C-section is one of those times.”

Viewers felt just as horrified and sick as the Islanders as they listened to the blow by blow account
Alex didn’t hold anything back as he explained it all in the bedroom

A fifth wrote: “Alex describing a c-section is making me sick. Between natural birth and c-section they are both horrific.”

Others used gifs and memes to share their horror, with one viewer posting a gif of America’s Next Top Model judge J. Alexander recoiling, with the words: “When Alex started to talk about how it takes two doctors to pull apart bits of the body to deliver the baby.”

Another shared a gif of Jim Carrey grabbing his face in the film Liar Liar and simply wrote: “C-section explanation.”

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