Love Island’s Alexandra Cane says she has called the police after being plagued by a stalker

LOVE Island’s Alexandra Cane says she has called the police after being plagued by a stalker.

The 28-year-old took to Instagram to ask her 1.4m followers what she should do about the situation – and later revealed that she decided to report it.

Alexandra Cane says she has called the police after being plagued by a stalker

In a series of posts the reality star documented her thinking behind trying to address the problem and questioned if the police would do anything to help during her crisis.

Addressing the situation, she wrote: “I have a stalker & I don’t know what to do about it…

“Will the police do anything? Are they the best people to contact?”

An hour later the former makeup artist updated her story with a selfie and said: “Stalker has been reported to police. Gr8.”

An hour later Alex decided to report the stalker to the police
One follower decided to make a joke about her being stalked

However it seems that some followers haven’t taken her problem very seriously as they went on to make light of her awful ordeal.

One follower, who has messaged her twice before on the platform, joked that it was their “old man” who was following her.

Alex replied: “I actually don’t understand how people think this is ok???

“I’ve had public, verbal abuse in the past on multiple occasions… now I’m being stalked. It’s a disgrace”

The beauty decided to take her mind off of things by doing a workout
Alex has shed an impressive two stone in recent months

The beauty decided to distract herself with a home workout.

Back in December the Love Island star displayed her amazing body transformation for the first time when she went out for a bite to eat at Ciros pizza restaurant in Knightsbridge.

The reality favourite, who starred in the 2018 version of the popular ITV2 show, exclusively told The Sun Online that she decided to turn her life around after “losing” herself when she returned home to the UK after leaving the villa.

She said: “I really lost myself. I was in a black hole and I knew I had to change but I needed to get myself out of it.

Alex felt like she lost herself after she left the Love Island villa but now looks incredible

“The first step is the hardest. I was not myself.”

Describing how she felt during that period, Alex continued:  “It was a mental thing. I was snappy, negative and it was not the Alex I know. I knew something wasn’t right.

“I had massive anxiety about loads of things. I had brain fog, I was being lazy.

“I have never been diagnosed with depression or anxiety but I definitely felt it. I have definitely experienced trauma and low moments.”

The star has gone from 11 to 9 stone and is now a tiny size 6


Rex Features

Alex became an instant hit on the show thanks to her “curvy” figure[/caption]

When she left she found her life had changed completely and she quickly fell into a cycle of boozing and not looking after herself.

“I think the pressures of coming out of the show, you get projected into such a spotlight which no one can prepare you for,” she explained.

“Having to deal with backlash, public opinions and all eyes on you.

“You find yourself not looking after yourself. I found myself in a massive rut.

Alex is now happier than ever with her new body and mindset






“There is so much pressure, we have a huge partying and drinking culture. I have massive social anxiety and when I go out I feel obliged to be drinking with everyone.”

She decided enough was enough and embarked on a new fitness regime to help with her mental health.

After just three months she went from 11 stone to 9, thanks to high intensity work outs and being more mindful about what she eats.

Despite all of her hard work fans have accused of undergoing secret liposuction surgery after cruel trolls accused her of faking her weight loss.

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