Love Island’s Curtis and Amy’s relationship is on the brink of collapse, says dumped star Maria

CURTIS and Amy’s relationship is on the brink of collapse, claims dumped Love Island star Maria.

In the most dramatic episode of the series so far, so-called power couple ‘Curmy’ looked close to combustion.

Amy confessed her love for Curtis who awkwardly told her they need to talk

While Amy was away in Casa Amor, ballroom dancer Curtis was having second doubts about their relationship.

In fact, he would have chosen new girl Jourdan if she hadn’t let him down gently and jumped into bed with Danny.

Oblivious to her half-boyfriend’s betrayal, Amy announced in front of the whole villa she’d been thinking about Curtis every minute of the day – and secretly planned to tell him “I love you”.

After her sweet speech, Curtis whispered: “We need to talk.”

Instagram model Maria Wild is one of the six new girls who will enter Love Island's Casa Amor

Instagram model Maria Wild was one of the six new girls who entered Love Island to stir up trouble[/caption]

Now Maria – who spent time with Curtis in the villa – has revealed: “I can’t see Curtis and Amy going the distance.
“Just because I think there are a lot of holes there.

“I can really see Joanna and Michael going the distance. I can see a lovely connection with those two and I’m 100 per cent behind it.”

Jourdan was blasted for looking smug during the awkward recoupling

Maria only lasted a few days after failing to connect with any of the boys.

Despite a brief flirtation with Jordan, he stood by Anna who brought back basketball player Ovie.

Maria added: “I am of course disappointed it wasn’t longer but I understand why and I understand I went in in a position where it might have been a short stay.

“The main thing was to enjoy it and make the most of it.

“If I was to go back and do it all again I probably wouldn’t change anything.

“I took things at my own pace. I felt like I had a bit of a connection with Jordan. I thought I might have a chance with him.

“He’s probably kicking himself now he chose to stick with Anna.”


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