Love Island’s Shaughna Phillips reveals secret 2017 boob job as she opens up about wanting to be ‘dangerously skinny’

LOVE Island’s Shaughna Phillips has revealed she had a boob job in 2017 as she opened up about wanting to be “dangerously skinny”.

The 26-year-old Londoner spoke in an Instagram Q&A with fans last night about having a “boob lift” four years ago after losing weight.

Love Island fan favourite Shaughna Phillips took part in an Instagram Q&A last night

Love Island fan favourite Shaughna, who recently documented having liposuction on her legs on social media, said having surgery on her breasts was the “best thing” she’d ever done.

One fan asked the reality star if her breasts were real.

And honest Shaughna replied: “They’re real as they’re mine, but I did have a breast uplift four years ago.

“I got my boobs done at MYA in London, and in 2017 they were £6,000. Best decision I’ve made, I love my t**s now!”

Shaughna, pictured here in 2015, revealed she had a boob lift after losing weight

The candid star was also asked by one distressed fan: “What advice would you give about body confidence, I’m my lowest right now.”

Wise Shaughna told them: “One bit of advice I would give you is confidence comes with age.

“I wouldn’t go to the corner shop without make-up on when I was younger, now you’ll barely catch me with it on.

“All I ever wanted in my life was to be skinny, and a few years ago, I got really really skinny… probably dangerously skinny. I weren’t happy and there were still things I wanted to change.”

Love Island fan favourite Shaughna Phillips has opened up about her secret 2017 boob job[/caption]

The reality star suffers from the rare condition lipoedema  — an abnormal accumulation of fat in the legs — and told her fans she is still wearing supportive tights to help shape her legs.

She added in the Q&A: “I’ve recovered fine, I still wear my compression tights as they keep me warm and toasty.

“I’m going to do a video about my whole lipoedema journey because I get so many questions.”

Shaughna told The Sun about her liposuction last year: “My legs had been my biggest body hang up since I can remember.

“It has been the one thing I have always said I would want to change about myself.”

Shaughna, who worked for Lambeth Council in London before finding fame on Love Island, added: “I’d be going to the gym six times a week, and even though I got down to 9st 6lb and a size six on the top half, my legs would stay at a size 14. I was killing myself doing these workouts.”


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