Love Island’s Tommy Fury says life is HARD because two stunning girls want him and fans can’t believe it

LOVE Island fans were left reaching for the mock violins after Tommy Fury claimed his life was a nightmare – because two beautiful girls are fighting over him.

Lying on the sofa on his free holiday after being straddled by stunning newbie Maura Higgins, he asked: “Why is my life so difficult?”

Tommy looked pained at having to choose between the pair

One wrote: Can’t believe how hard Tommy fury’s life is. In a villa not having to worry about anything and having 2 girls fight over him. Aye mate swap places.”

Another fumed: “The lads 6ft+, built like a brick s**thouse and has 2 girls wanting a slice of him. Mate you wanna try wearing my shoes.”

A third joked: “Tommy fury complaining about how hard his life is moments after being straddled by Maura with Molly waiting for him in bed is a different kind of first world problem.”

The 20-year-old boxer has been trying to choose between Molly-Mae Hague, who he is coupled up with, and the new arrival.

Fans haven’t been sympathetic over his ‘problems’
Tommy claimed to be in a very comfy version of hell


He is coupled up with stunning Instagram girl Molly-Mae[/caption]

Rex Features

Tommy is also being relentlessly targeted by Maura[/caption]

And it seems to be testing the poor lad to his limits – especially when he tried to avoid picking a side last night by sleeping on the sofa.

However, 28-year-old Maura soon found him, straddled the lad and tried to kiss him – which he managed to swerve.

Many believed it amounted to sexual harassment, yet he appeared to seem sorely tempted.

However, in a stunning turnaround, he later walked straight past her and got into bed beside Molly-Mae, 19.

Maura has made it VERY clear she likes Tommy
Molly-Mae has also insisted she wants him too
Tommy eventually ended up in bed with Molly-Mae

Some even called Maura a “predator” for jumping onto Tommy, who is eight years her junior while others called for her to be kicked off.

One fan said: “Maura is like a bloody predator. Forcing herself on Tommy like that is wrong. If it was the other way round there would be hell. #DoubleStandards #loveisland.”

Another wrote: “All good everyone shouting about talking about women’s rights and equal rights until Maura is basically sexual harassing Tommy but barely anyone blinks an eye.

“Other way round they’d be guaranteed uproar #LoveIsland.”



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