Love Stories, Zadig and Voltaire, APM Monaco… what’s new side of fashion ?

NEWS – FASHION- turquoise Blue, passion red. Bags graffiti, lingerie lightly. There’s something for all tastes in the fashion trends of the week.

What’s going on there at the moment on the fashion world ? You have to admire the exclusive collaboration between the brand of lingerie Dutch Love Stories, and the Swedish giant H&M for creations irresistible. We love the creations of the American Daniel Corrigan and Chelsea Hansford, passionate craft. It pounces on the new corner “jewels” of the site a Good Market to discover a selection of sharp, eclectic, and definitely modern.

Big blow of heart – this is the case to say that for this bag, “Heart Bag” red from Escada. Crush also for the new collection unisex of Zadig & Voltaire. Creations dreamed up by the american actor Evan Ross, son of Diana, and his wife, Ashlee Simpson. We championed the imagination of the claw Michael Kors, which is steeped in street art for a collection of accessories tagged.

The South as a force in the fashion world

Beautiful initiative of the brand Kaporal whose line Jean de Nimes is a tribute to his hometown with a collection of T-shirts and sweats made in Marseille, designed in collaboration with The two words, “French”. Finally, he let himself be overwhelmed by the wave of azure-breaking out in our locker rooms, passing the jewel-encrusted turquois at APM Monaco.


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