Luissa Zissman breaks down in tears as she’s reunited with her dead horse after having him stuffed

LUISA Zissman broke down in tears yesterday as she was reunited with her dead horse – after having him stuffed.

The 33-year-old was left heartbroken when the gorgeous white stallion Madrono died in 2019 and decided she wanted to preserve him forever so he could take pride of place in her entrance hall.

Luisa Zissman broke down in tears as she was reunited with her dead horse

The former Apprentice star was overcome with emotion when she saw him for the first time at the taxidermist and rushed to embrace him once again.

Sharing the video of the special moment, she explained: “The day we were reunited ❤😢⭐

“I know I’m weird, I know this isn’t normal but when Madrono had to be PTS due to melanomas (cancer) I was shattered. I had seen @simon_the_stuffa amazing work and he was the first person I called.

“I can’t describe the overwhelming heartbreak when Madrono died I spent a week in bed and got stress induced vertigo (pathetic I know).

Luisa has had her beloved horse stuffed
The horse will now go pride of place in Luisa’s entrance hall

“Seeing him again today was so incredible. He’s perfect, his kind eyes are exactly the same, the little swirls in his coat, his beautiful mane all so perfect. Thank you @simon_the_stuffa and your team. You really have made me so happy! (Even though I’m ugly crying)

“And for those who listen to @annawilliamsonofficial and I LuAnna : The Podcast, you will be relieved to hear his b**ls are still intact.

“Madrono will take pride of place in the entrance hall of my new house. ❤❤❤

Madrono died in Decemeber 2019 after a four year battle with “aggressive melanomas”.

The star was very emotional when she saw him again
Luisa’s horse died in 2019 after a battle with cancer
Luisa with the horse when he was alive

Luisa said at the time: “My heart is broken. RIP Madrono, you were simply one in a trillion. I’m sorry I couldn’t do anymore for you.”

The animal enthusiast turned to Simon Wilson, who is considered the number one taxidermist in the UK, to help her keep the horse’s memory alive.

Prices to stuff a horse start at around £15,000.


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