Lumber worker, 34, killed in horror wood chipper accident after being pulled into machine as he tried to clear blockage

A LUMBER worker was killed after being pulled into a wood chipper as he tried to clear a blockage.

Brandon Lee Van Dyke, 34, tragically died on Wednesday morning in Phenix City, Alabama, after becoming stuck in the machine.

Van Dyke became entangled in the machine and died
He was a

Vandyke was responding to a jam alarm at the Phenix Lumber Company at the time of the accident said Phenix City Police, who responded to the emergency call at around 5am.

An an alarm went off at around 4.15 am to signal the auger was jammed, so the attendant Van Dyke went to check it out.

“Officers discovered partial remains of the attendant that went to check on an equipment malfunction,” Capt. Darryl Williams said.

He was pronounced dead at the scene by the Russell County Coroner’s office.

No criminal investigation underway but agencies will be doing safety investigations into the mill’s operations.

Van Dyke had a young daughter and was a boiler operator at the Alabama-based company, according to his obituary.

Every year in the US, around three people die in wood chipper accidents.

A further 204 people sustain injuries when they work with the lethal machines.

He was responding to a jam at the Phenix Lumber Co.
The tragedy occurred in Alabama on Wednesday
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