Lush launches Christmas bath bomb range with golden pears, Santa and snow fairies – and prices start at £3

LUSH never fails to disappoint with its array of scented soaps and bath bombs.

Something of its trademark, it brightens up any bath.

This looks good enough to eat – but don’t
  • Puddy holly, LUSH, £4.95 – Buy now

And now that Christmas is approaching – really – they’ve unveiled their festive range.

Alongside their signature bath bombs are soaps, bubble bars, bubble spinners and something called a bubbleroom.

Massage bars and sparkle jars are also included in the extensive range.

Get ready to smell good and feel Christmassy.

Nothing says Christmas like a snowman

  • Snowman bomb bomb, LUSH, £9.95 – Buy now
The red would obviously be strawberry
  • Strawberry Santa, LUSH, £6.25 – Buy now
Elves are definitely always naughty
  • Naughty elf, LUSH, £5.95 – Buy now
Cross your fingers for a white Christmas
  • Snowflake, LUSH, £6.95 – Buy now
Again, this looks almost edible but don’t make that mistake
  • Gingerbread man, LUSH, £8.50 – Buy now
More star than snow fairy, but we still love it
  • Snow fairy, LUSH, £8.50 – Buy now
We would absolutely love pink snow
  • Cheery Christmas, LUSH, £3.95 – Buy now
You can get polar bears all year round, but they still feel Christmassy
  • Butterbear, LUSH, £2.75 – Buy now
You could hang this on tree as an ornament
  • Golden pear soap, LUSH, £7.50 – Buy now

Want more Christmas? George at Asda has unveiled an avocado-themed Christmas homeware range.

A whole channel dedicated to Christmas films is coming to the UK – and we can’t wait.

Forget Christmas jumpers, this year it’s all about festive T-shirts (and prices start at just £5).


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