Madeleine McCann parents’ fury after sick trolls set up Instagram account to mock missing toddler for twisted ‘likes’

MADELEINE McCann’s parents are furious after sick trolls made a fake account for their missing daughter just to get ‘likes’ on the social media site.

The account, @pc.madeleine, posts pictures of people with Maddie’s face photoshopped on and makes jokes about the tragic tot’s disappearance.

This was the first picture posted to the account five days ago, captioned: ‘Mum said I lost the plot, at least I never lost the crop’
The second picture was posted two days ago with the caption: ‘Felt Cute, Might Disappear Later Idk x’
The account @pc.madeleine has 716 followers so far
Madeleine McCann’s parents are furious at the trolls who set up a fake Instagram account of their daughter
PA:Press Association

Heart doctor Gerry, 50, and former GP Kate, 51, now a medical worker, are warning the offenders “to think twice” before mocking Maddie and in so doing hurting their family, a close pal said.

The couple from Rothley, Leicestershire, face the painful 12th anniversary of her kidnap in just two weeks.

So far the twisted account has posted six pictures in the last week and the account has 1,207 followers.

The disgusting captions refer to the child’s disappearance in 2007, including one that says “Felt cute, might disappear later”.


Another reads: “No one said hide and seek finished so I ghosted for a likkle 12 years but mans back for good #PortugalWasShitAnyway”.

Three-year-old Maddie disappeared from her family’s Portuguese holiday flat on May 3, 2007 – triggering a global search which has failed to find the child.

A friend of Maddie’s parents said: “Kate and Gerry are still having to put up with this ridiculous rubbish. It is wrong and deeply offensive.

“To dress up as a missing girl and to wear a mask showing an iconic image of her as a three-year-old and then post it online is simply quite ridiculous and stupid. These people should know better. When is all this nonsense ever going to stop?

“Next month Kate and Gerry have to get through another milestone anniversary of their daughter’s disappearance and what would be her 16th birthday.

“They don’t need all this constant negativity now.”


The insensitive social media account says in its bio: “Madeleine Mccann #Madz2Trappy ‘doing my ting ygm’ #3k5 #3tdot #3kate #3me #3loski #3slim Going private at 1k”.

Pictures posted on the Instagram account all show a man posing, with the three-year-old’s face superimposed on.

The most recent picture, posted this morning, shows two people, one with Maddie’s face and another with Jesus’ face superimposed on.

The caption reads: “Me and @mosthated.jesus done a mazza last night. Nearly had @big_andy.50 find me #Still3Doe”.


Maddie would have turned 15 on on May 12, 2018.

In April 2012, UK cops released a computer generated image of Maddie showing what she would look like aged nine.

A recent Netflix documentary, The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann, and the 12th anniversary of the tragic event have spurred trolls to mock the McCann family online.

Last week a woman sparked outrage on Twitter when she posted a video pretending to find Madeleine while on a holiday in Portugal.

Kate and Gerry cling onto a glimmer of hope that Maddie, who vanished aged three from a Portuguese holiday apartment in May 2007, she could still be alive.

Family spokesperson Clarence Mitchell declined to comment, saying: “Whatever I say on the McCanns’ behalf only fuels the trolls so we are simply not giving reaction.”

This picture was posted yesterday with the caption: ‘I’m back for good No one said hide and seek finished so I ghosted for a likkle 12 years but mans back for good #PortugalWasShitAnyway’
This morning a picture depicting Maddie alongside Jesus was posted
The account owner posted an Instagram story today saying they would be ‘posting daily’
They’ve even asked for advice on what to post about

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