Madeleine McCann suspect Christian B ‘refuses to let cell attack lie’ as he ‘sues’ prison guards for ‘breaking his ribs’

THE prime suspect in the abduction of Madeleine McCann is set to bid for compensation following an alleged “cell attack”.

Christian B claims he was left with two broken ribs after a “fight” with prison guards last week.

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Christian B, in shackles, was pictured being led to the ambulance after the incident[/caption]


Christian B refuses to ‘let it lie’[/caption]


The convicted criminal is the main suspect in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann[/caption]

Now the 43-year-old – who spent one hour in hospital after the incident – allegedly wants an apology and a compo payout.

“He is refusing to let this lie,” a source told Sun Online.

“He wants the authorities to say sorry and he wants compensation for the injuries he sustained,” the source claimed.

But they added: “The guards in charge of him inside think he is just trying to stir up trouble and play system.”

Convicted rapist and paedophile Christian B allegedly started the scuffle after “throwing a tantrum” in his cell, smearing it with yoghurt and blocking the toilet with loo roll.

A source at the Braunschweig courthouse where the incident happened said:”He got angry at being filmed and complained.

“He reacted angrily and when he refused to put the shackles on there was a more violent tussle and he hurt himself.”

Speaking to The Sun Online, his lawyer Friedrich Fulscher Christian B had suffered serious injuries after “dirtying” his cell.

But now a source told The Sun Online, every since Christian B returned from his short A&E jaunt, “he has made one thing crystal clear – he wants someone to pay for what happened.”

The Sun Online understands the suspect plans to point to the fact a female official was caught filming part of the attack on her mobile phone.

She was later ordered to delete footage by a judge.

“[Christian B] believes this footage was deleted as it would have shown the officers assaulting him,” our source continued. “He thinks the woman should be made to come forward and at least say what she saw on oath.”

The German’s lawyer, Friedrich Fuelscher, confirmed he has filed a formal complaint.

But he refused to comment on whether his client was aiming to secure compensation in the future or any other details about his complaint.

Pictures last week showed the convicted rapist getting into an ambulance in ankle shackles.

Guards who restrained him claim he fell, but the convicted sex pest says he was assaulted.

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Christian B was brought to the courthouse in a prison van, pictured[/caption]


The 43-year-old wants compensation for his injuries, a source said[/caption]


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