Magaluf stabbing – Trail of blood through hotel as witness claims drunk Scot ‘punched Englishman and moaned about his drink’ hours before knife brawl

A BRIT holidaymaker told pals to “steer clear” of a group of rowdy Scottish tourists in Magaluf – just hours before one was stabbed in a late-night hotel brawl.

Robert Watson, 31, from Ardrossan, Ayrshire, was rushed to hospital in a serious condition after being knifed in the buttocks, back and stomach in the early hours of Sunday.

Robert Watson is in a serious condition in hospital after being stabbed in a brawl at the Magaluf hotel

The fight at the Hotel TRH reportedly involved seven Englishmen scrapping with Robert and his younger brother.

Eyewitnesses said a member of Robert’s group had earlier attacked one of the English tourists by the pool.

One told The Sun Online: “I ran over to the balcony and saw one of the Scottish lads knocking an English lad spark out.

“He was drunk and started bragging that he had knocked him out with one punch.

Horrified eyewitnesses followed a trail of blood through the hotel

“A group of people starting to revive the English lad. When he woke up you could tell he was not happy. He looked very angry.

“We could tell that there was going to be trouble. He was already drunk.

“We thought ‘we’ll stay away from the pool’. You could tell by the mood around the pool that there was going to be trouble.

“After that we decided to go out for the evening. I was flying back the next day so I came back at after 2am and there was already ambulances outside the hotel.


Andrew Charles Fríes,29, has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after he allegedly stabbed another Brit in Majorca[/caption]

“Once everything calmed down I went up to the floor they were staying on and there was big pools of blood all up the corridor leading right up the Scottish lads’ door.

“I took about 40 steps through the blood – it was everywhere.

“There was one big pool of blood right outside their room and that’s where it stopped.”

Earlier today, Robert’s grandfather George told The Sun Online he is flying home on Wednesday where he will be immediately taken to a local hospital.

Robert’s granddad George said he feared the 31-year-old had died when he first heard of the knife attack

He said: “When we first heard about it we thought he might’ve been dead.

“We’re so glad to hear he’s stable.

“That Magaluf is some place. When we heard he was going there we were worried.

“He can be a bit silly at times but this is terrible – he’s a very lucky boy.

Three men were arrested after the brawl
They are not thought to have been directly involved in the stabbing

“He’s got a car that he spends his money on rather than drinking, he loves his motor.”

The loving grandparents said Robert flew to Majorca on Friday with his younger brother and pal.

Margaret said: “We only heard about it this morning, it was a terrible shock.

“Robert’s a fair guy. He usually a happy guy but can be moody at times.

Three British men – Anthony Muggleton, Robert Stafford and Kieran Boughton – all aged 26, have been arrested on suspicion of fighting but have not been accused of stabbing.

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