Make This Classic Chinese Dish At Home In Under 30 Minutes


Want to try a taste of the Lone Star State? These Texas inspired recipes will take your taste-buds on a flavor journey to America’s largest state. From desserts, to drinks and snacks, you’re going to love everything about these mouthwatering concoctions. Which one will you try first?White Texas Sheet CakeSharedIngredients2 cups flour2 cups sugar1 tsp baking powder1 tsp salt¼ tsp baking soda1 cup butter2 eggs1 cup water½ cup sour cream1 tsp almond extractFrosting:½ cup

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When it comes to finger foods the easier the better. The best ones look great, taste great and satisfy everyone in attendance. We’ve got three last minute finger foods that you can whip up when your in a time pinch. Two savory and one sweet! We’ve actually put these to the test and they do just the trick. Antipasto SkewersSharedIngredientscheese tortellini pastamini bocconcini jar of sweet red peppers sliced cured meat (like salami or prosciutto)

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Attention cookie lovers everywhere in case you didn’t know Dairy Queen has a new flavor. It is exclusively released for the month of April and it is literally what dreams are made of.  Everyone’s favorite ice cream chain announced earlier this year that they will be releasing limited – edition flavors each month. Last month they honored March with its successful Mint Oreo Blizzard. What a way to celebrate St. Patty’s Day.

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This meat lovers breakfast pie is sure to satisfy even the burliest of lumberjacks. If 2 cups of cheese doesn’t do the trick for you, the bacon will. Need some energy for a big day of work or maybe just an epic dish to bring to Sunday brunch? Then here’s your recipe.Think of this as the cheesiest, meatiest quiche that you’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting. Meat Lovers Breakfast PieSharedIngredients4 or 5 eggs

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Flickr – Pater O’Connor/Twitter – Heinz

Sometimes food innovation is a good thing. For example, when they decided to double-stuff Oreo cookies, or someone found out you can deep-fry a Snickers bar, those things were wonderful. However, as with most things, people have chosen to take innovation too far when it comes to some foods, and that could not be more evidenced in the newest Cadbury concoction. Flickr – Peter O’ConnorWhile most people thought it was an April Fool’s

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Want to know how to make the best bunny bait for Easter? You’ve come to the right place. In addition to salty meets sweet deliciousness, we decided to add everyone’s favorite Easter candy, Cadbury Mini Eggs. This took things from gold to platinum and now there is NO turning back. This will undoubtedly please the Easter bunny and might become an annual April staple in your household.  Shared Ingredients6 cups popcorn3 cups of pretzel

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