Mama June demands $35K from dentist for ‘BOTCHING her teeth then refusing to finish procedure’

MAMA June has reportedly demanded $35,000 from a Beverly Hills-based dentist for ‘botching her teeth’.

It’s believed the Mama June: Road to Redemption star sent a legal letter to the dentist after he allegedly refused to finish the job, following a disagreement over her reality show.

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Mama June has reportedly demanded $35,000 from a dentist for ‘botching her teeth’[/caption]

According to Page Six, June is demanding $35K from Dr. Tom Kalili after being left in pain over the procedure.

In a letter obtained by the publication, it claims the star agreed to fly to California to receive the dentist treatment in exchange for a social media post.

June, who addressed the claims on her Instagram Story, was set to have her top and bottom teeth fixed.

During the treatment, Kalili reportedly removed her temporary dental implants from a past procedure before “placing her in a vulnerable (and painful) position.”

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The reality star was reportedly left in pain following the procedure[/caption]

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June has previously had work done to her teeth[/caption]

He then illegally refused to carry on with the procedure unless June promoted his work.

It’s believed June has asked for Kalili to finish the procedures or pay $35,000 for travel and dentistry expenses.

June’s manager, Gina Rodriguez, told Page Six: “It is inhumane and criminal how he left her.

“The demand for press after removing her teeth is a form of extortion.”


June’s manager claimed the procedure was ‘ inhumane and criminal’[/caption]

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June was set to have her top and bottom teeth fixed[/caption]

Meanwhile, Kalili’s reps responded in a statement.

They told the publication: “Representatives who presented as her agents demanded additional services, at no cost and within a limited time frame that is not best practice, realistic, nor in the patient’s best interests. [We made] efforts to explain to her agents that this can’t be done in one step and if we skip steps, patient will be exposed to risks and complications. 

“They entered into an exchange with our office that we perceived as threatening and included allegations of intent to harm our reputation. Reasonable efforts to explain the recommended treatment plan for the medical care requested were of no avail. “

June previously underwent dental work at the Beverly Hills Dental Lab in November last year.


The reality star avoided prison time during last night’s Road To Redemption finale[/caption]

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June was arrested on drug possession charges in 2019[/caption]

At the time, the star, who had $40,000 worth of veneers fitted into her mouth, insisted she broke her teeth “chewing ice” and not because of her crack addiction.

Following the procedure, she told InTouch Weekly: “I broke my front tooth because I love chewing on ice, like real ice cubes. And that’s what broke my tooth off to begin with, and then my addiction, I didn’t give two s**ts about what I looked like.

“When I actually was at rehab, I kinda woke up and was like, ‘Oh my God, you need to get this fixed because it’s not a good look on me’ if that makes sense.”

Meanwhile, it comes shortly after June avoided prison time after being charged with possession of crack cocaine.

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She has since repaired her relationships with her daughters[/caption]

During last night’s explosive series finale of Road to Redemption, the star dodged going behind bars by agreeing to do 100 hours of community service and having court supervision.

Speaking to daughters Alana Thompson and Lauryn Shannon, she said: “The judge wasn’t taking no s**t.

“But I’m not going to jail! I told y’all Mama June was not going to jail!”

She then explained: “When you turn your life around, people see that and want to be positivity and give you another chance.

“June ain’t going to the slammer! I am still getting punished though. I got 100 hours of community service.”

Her boyfriend Geno Doak’s case is still not settled as he has prior charges.

Back in March 2019, June was arrested on drug possession charges, including possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia charges in Alabama.

Furthermore, she estimated that she has spent $900,000 in a year on drugs.


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