Man, 30, ‘repeatedly tricked women into changing his adult diapers as he pretended to be disabled’

A MAN who admitted he acted disabled to trick women into changing his adult diapers has been sentenced to probation. 

Rutledge Deas IV pretended to be the brother of a man named “Cory” who had mental and physical disabilities on babysitting apps.

Rutledge Deas IV tricked women into changing his adult diapers

Deas convinced a woman to take care of Cory, who was actually himself, like a child, The Times-Picayune reported on Monday. 

Two women who were tricked into changing Deas’ diapers said they felt betrayed when they discovered he did not have the disabilities he claimed. 

“I used to believe that almost everyone in the world was inherently good,” one of the women told the news outlet. 

“In this case, I was wrong.”

Rutledge Deas IV was arrested in November 2019 and pleaded guilty

Louisiana State Police arrested Deas in November 2019 for convincing women to change his diapers.

Deas pleaded guilty on Monday and New Orleans ad hoc Criminal District Court Judge Hunter Harris gave him five years of probation.

During his probation, Deas is required to work, stay off social media, attend internet addiction counseling and do 400 hours of community service. 

A New Orleans judge gave Deas five years of probation

Deas suffered from mental health and substance abuse issues, his lawyers said. 

He said his behavior was a result of sexual trauma he experienced as a child. 

Deas pleaded guilty to four counts of human trafficking, possession of methamphetamines and possession of drug paraphernalia. 

After pleading guilty in November 2019, he was incarcerated until April. 

Deas’ lawyers were able to argue his bail amount down due to the threat of catching Covid-19 in jails. 


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