Manchester United star Jesse Lingard has spent £600,000 on four custom cars that all boast trademark touches

JESSE LINGARD loves his custom cars.

The Manchester United star, 25, has a fleet of just four motors – but hasn’t been afraid to splash the cash to make them truly four of a kind.

Jesse Lingard has a fleet of four cars worth around £600,000 – and they all boast his trademark custom touches


The Manchester United star is fast becoming a style icon and fans’ favourite[/caption]

Self-styled ‘JLingz’ has become something of a fashion icon in recent times and is fast becoming one of the most-loved players at Old Trafford.

The local lad done good is loved by young fans, especially after he stopped his car to play with a group of kids on his old estate.

The style-conscious England hero clearly has a certain look he likes to stick to with his cars.

Lots of matte black and lots of Manchester United red detailing.

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Mercedes-AMG C63 S Coupe – £80,000+

Lingard’s AMG is certainly a head-turner in Cheshire.

The super-fast coupe – which goes from 0-60mph in less than four seconds – has the midfielder’s fingerprints all over it.

Cavendish Press

Lingard’s Mercedes AMG C63 S features a body kit, matte black wrap and red detailing[/caption]

It has had a body kit added to the front and side skirting to give it a more aggressive look.

Lingard has also given the car matte black wrapping and red front badge and lettering – something that is his trademark.

Range Rover Sport SVR – £120,000+

Again, Lingard has given the Range a matte black wrap and red lettering on the front.

The SVR is a supercharged 4×4 that can compete with sports cars half it’s size.

Cavendish Press

Like all of his cars, Lingard has added his favourite wrap and red trim to his Range Rover[/caption]

Lingard’s is fully loaded with every gadget you could think of, while he’s also given the interior an upgrade, adding in racing seats in red.

Bentley Bentayga – £180,000

Lingard’s newest motor is quite the design feat.

Basically a luxury truck, the Bentayga weighs a whopping 2.4 tonnes – more than an average white rhinoceros – and is capable of 187mph.

Cavendish Press

Lingard’s newest motor, the ridiculous Bentley Bentayga[/caption]

Lingard’s version has a full custom body kit and, of course, a matte black wrap.

Manchester United through and through, Lingard has also coloured in Bentley’s famous wings emblem in red.

Bentley Continental GT – £200,000

Lingard’s favourite car has had a couple of face-lifts since he got it, celebrating his new contract.

Eamonn and James Clarke

Lingard’s Bentley Continental features a luxury Onyx body kit that features a spoiler on the boot[/caption]

It features an Onyx body kit that has made the Bentley much more aggressive looking with a huge face-lift on the front that features large vents in the bonnet and a larger grille.

Last year the Bentley had a chrome wrap, but Lingard has since ditched that for matte black (obviously).

Like the Bentayga, the Continental also features the logos in red.

Lingard was spotted out in Hale Village, Cheshire, with another new addition to the car… a spoiler on the boot.


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