Married at First Sight Australia’s Cyrell Paule storms out of reunion show after explosive row with Jessika

MARRIED at First Sight Australia’s Cyrell Paule was left fuming and stormed out of the reunion show another after explosive row with Jessika Power.

It’s fair to say that the two Aussie beauties have not seen eye to eye over the course of the experiment.

Cyrell Paule hit back at Jessika Power for saying her relationship with Eden Dally was ‘fake’

The reunion show, which will air in the UK later this year, saw a number of the cast return to hash out their differences.

Cyrell was left fuming at Jessika, who had previously slammed her relationship with Love Island’s Eden Dally as “fake”. 

The psychologists kicked things off by asking the women why the “sisterhood is still so fractured”.

Jessika replied: “It’s embarrassing, our behaviour back then, we were so reactive and nasty towards each other. Now if I see somebody speaking to someone in that way, I would be embarrassed, I would be ashamed.”

Jessika said she will never see eye to eye with Cyrell

An uncomfortable Cyrell was left reeling admitting that she still had a score to settle, the previous night the pair got into a heated argument resulting in Cyrell dashing a glass of wine over Jess.

Fan favourite Cyrell fired back: “So why do you still do it now then Jessika?

“One of the main reasons why I came back to this experiment was purely because I had so much unresolved anger because of the certain things you were saying and don’t deny that you did tease my partner, you teased my relationship.

“I just find it ironic that you say you find it embarrassing but truthfully the way I see it nothing’s changed. We’re still speaking ill of each other.”

Married at first sight / Nine

The new mum was left unimpressed with Jessika’s apology[/caption]

The blonde beauty then held her hands up admitting that she had made distasteful comments about Cyrell relationship.

She said: “I made comments that were poor, I made comments saying the relationship was fake, I made comments that were hurtful towards her and I understand Cyrell would want to talk to me about those comments.”

Cyrell raged that she tried to talk to her several times at the dinner party to resolve the issue, but Jess responded saying that she wanted to remove herself from the situation.

The new mum admitted that she had regrets for lashing out with the wine but did not feel sorry for what she had said.

Married at first sight / Nine

Jessika said she felt ’embarrassed’ by the way she acted during the experiment[/caption]

Jessika was left stunned, adding: “We’re not on the same level playing and I don’t think we ever will be. We no longer need to have the disrespect in the media, she’s a mum now.”

But an unimpressed Cyrell fired back: “Why is it though that people always say that just because you’ve had a child, I hope she’s changed.”

Jessika replied: “No it’s just other things you’ll be putting your energy into.”

The confrontation began to get more heated with Jessika claiming she felt “bullied” after she copped a glass of wine and Cyrell fuming that Jess had been “taunted” her relationship for two years.

Married at first sight / Nine

The new mum stormed off after she confrntation got heated[/caption]

The mum of one added: “How do you think my son will react when he see’s people talking about his parents like that?”

The experts then stepped in asking the pair if they were ready to put their feud to bed, Jessika claimed that she is not that person anymore and expressed regret for the things she had done.

TV expert Melanie Schilling then asked Cyrell the same question, she jumped up from her seat and headed to the exit

The fiery star replied: “Yeah in fact I’m ready to leave right now, that’s me bouncing, don’t you ever tell me how to raise my son.”

The blonde beauty was at the centre of a scandalous affair with Dan Webb

The reunion show, which will air in the UK later this year, saw Jessika admitting that she’s now a changed woman.

Fan favourite Cyrell was given the nickname Cyclone Cyrell because of her famous temper.

She clashed with Jess in the show’s finale this month after discovering she’d made a move on her husband Nic Jovanovic.

Viewers were left stunned as Jess revealed that she was “sexually attracted” to Nic – before being rejected by the married man.

Chnnel 4

Cyrell and Nic called it quits on the show[/caption]

She then set her sights on Dan – who she ended up rejoining the experiment with.

Brits were left shocked as they watched her scandalous affair with fellow contestant Dan unfold – behind both of their spouses’ backs.

But Dan was left furious when he and the rest of the contestants got the chance to watch the jaw-dropping footage.

Jessika was lost for words as she continued to defend herself saying that she didn’t proposition the ‘married’ man.


Cyrell has welcomed her first child baby Boston last year[/caption]

But Nic finally declared that Jessika was “100 per cent hitting on him”, leaving her squirming.

However, things did not work out in the long run, and Jessika went public with new boyfriend Filip earlier this year.


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