Married At First Sight UK latest: Ant slammed for leading Alexis on by expert Mel as Bob and Megan leave the experiment

Married at First Sight UK hosted its third commitment ceremony tonight – with two couples saying goodbye.

Expert Melanie Schilling was shocked to hear Ant defending himself as he denied he was “leading” Alexis on after the couple re-entered the experiment together last week.

The Aussie judge looked perplexed and questioned Ant asking: “You don’t think you’re leading her on?”

Alexis and Ant decided to call it quits, with Alexis admitting she feels like “superwoman” despite not finding love.

Meanwhile, Bob Voysey admitted there was no “love” between himself and Megan Wolfe.

Megan confirmed that Bob was not the person for her and wrote ‘leave’.

Bob also penned a touching poem concluding that he was leaving.

A tearful Bob said he was “relieved” to be going, admitting it’s the “hardest” but best experience.

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