Married at First Sight UK latest – Sobbing Morag blasted by fans as Josh accuses her of LYING about sliding into her DMs

MARRIED At First Sight UK erupted tonight with a series of explosive arguments.

The couples reunited for the third dinner party but things were far from smooth sailing.

Morag’s DM confession came back to haunt her tonight, as Josh adamantly denied messaging her.

He called her a liar, while Morag slammed Josh for still being a “lad” and Amy was furious with Morag’s interference in their relationship.

Ant served up some home truths to Morag – telling the group what Morag said on ladies day about the DM.

Franky let rip after reading their anonymous letter and Marilyse was left seething after Franky told her “not to speak” while he was speaking.

Meanwhile, Alexis tells Ant that she “feels alone” and that she’s fed up of Ant failing to make an effort.

Adam also stands up for his pal Bob and becomes emotional as he defends his mate for being a “doormat”.

A preview for Tuesday’s episode promises a VERY dramatic commitment ceremony as Morag and Luke are left in floods of tears.

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