Married At First Sight UK Live: Amy storms off after food shop row as homestays get off to dramatic start

Married at First Sight UK couples headed to visit their partner’s home in tonight’s instalment.

But its already kicked off with couples storming off and HUGE bombshells being dropped.

Josh shared his concerns over Amy’s “mood swings” tonight, saying it was a major red flag.

He admitted that he’s giving the relationship “200 per cent” and can’t understand why Amy was overreacting after the food shop.

Viewers saw the couple bicker, with Amy storming off saying that she can’t do this”, while Josh admitted that he’s at the “end of this tether”.

Meanwhile, Luke admitted to his mum that he loves Morag despite her not reciprocating the same feelings.

He also revealed that he no longer wants a family, leaving his mum gobsmacked.

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