Martin Lewis warns Tesco Clubcard shoppers time is running out to bag deals before new changes kick in

MONEY saving expert Martin Lewis has warned Tesco Clubcard holders to bag offers before they run out.

The financial journalist says two of the supermarket’s best deals are about to expire.

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Martin Lewis has warned Tesco Clubcard holders to check out some of the best deals while they can[/caption]

Two of Clubcard’s reward partnerships – British Airways Executive Club and Now TV are ending this month.

Martin explained that all Clubcard points can be converted to BA Exec Club and Now TV, including old vouchers lying around.

But the deal ends on January 18, so Martin is encouraging people to check for deals before it’s too late.

Writing in the weekly newsletter, Martin wrote: “Tesco Clubcard vouchers warning. It’s culling Avios and Now TV rewards.”

Best things to use your Tesco points on now

  • Magazine subscriptions – 3x value :  50p in Clubcard vouchers gets £1.50 to spend on magazines. You can use this on more than 70 titles, including Cosmopolitan, Gardeners’ World, Grazia, Empire and Good Housekeeping
  • Denby – 3x value : £5 of Clubcard voucher buys you £15 you can spend at Denby meaning £60 set of pasta bowls will cost you just £20 worth of vouchers.
  • Railcards – 3x value: If you need to renew a railcard, £1 in Clubcard vouchers becomes £3 to spend on an annual railcard. That means a Two Together Railcard will cost £10 of vouchers, not £30.

Customers can currently get 600 Avios for £2.50 worth of Clubcard points by converting at the right time.

Martin wrote: “By the time your next statement comes it’ll be too late to convert points from that statement to those rewards, so turn your points into Tesco Clubcard Faster Vouchers ASAP and then convert them to Avios or Now TV vouchers. 

“Note: the conversion to Faster Vouchers can take a day, and you can only convert in this way up until two weeks before your next statement, which for some, may be soon.”

A Tesco spokesman said: “Clubcard is how our customers get the best value from shopping with Tesco – from Clubcard points that are worth more than any other supermarket loyalty scheme and vouchers that are worth up to three times more than their face value at over 100 Reward Partners, to Clubcard Prices on hundreds of products online and in-store.

“Clubcard customers will still be able to convert points into Avios up until British Airways leaves the scheme in January next year.”

The NowTV deal about to end lets customers use 50p of Clubcard vouchers to buy £1.50 of NowTV credits.

You have until 11.59pm on Sunday 31 January to make the swap.

This comes as Martin explained how to lower Netflix bills and watch shows for free after the streaming service revealed it was hiking prices.

Netflix revealed it would increase the price of some subscriptions by up to £24 per year from next month.

He said: “Netflix is hiking prices; up to £1 a month for its standard package and £2 a month for its premium.

“It’s starting to send notifications out now, so this will probably happen in February.”

To discover how to be savvy with your Netflix, read the full story here.


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