Masked gunmen ‘storm NYC backyard and zip-tie 5 people before stealing $40,000’ in on-camera theft

THREE armed thieves tied up five people in a New York City backyard and stole $40,000 in a brazen robbery caught on tape.

The three masked gunmen entered into a Queens backyard just after 5:15PM on Friday where they found five people relaxing in the back under a heat lamp.

NYPD Crime Stoppers

Three masked men entered a Queens backyard and stole $40,000[/caption]

NYPD Crime Stoppers

They zip-tied the victims[/caption]

The robbers then bound the victims with zip ties.

They then grabbed a 43-year-old man and brought him into the house where they pistol-whipped him.

“Where’s the money?” asked one of the masked men as his accomplices searched the house for cash.

The finally found it, eventually running off with $40,000.

NYPD Crime Stoppers

They brought one of the victims into the house and pistolwhipped him[/caption]

NYPD Crime Stoppers

Police are still looking for the suspects[/caption]

The man suffered a cut on his face but refused medical attention. The other victims were left unharmed.

Police are looking for the masked men, who were wearing either face masks or surgical masks.

One of the men was carrying a duffel bag.


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