Mayra Hills- German Women With The Biggest Cup Sizes (8 Photos)

Mayra Hills is an obsessed German. As she says herself, “she loves breasts more than anything.” She loves it so much that she decided to implant no less than 20 liters (that’s right, Twenty liters) of silicone in her breasts. Now she wants to be considered the owner of the largest breasts in the world.
The model has thousands of followers on her social networks and, of course, she spends her days talking about breasts – hers, almost always. She says, for example, that gigantic breasts don’t get in the way of her chores.
To prove that she’s not lying, she puts several photos in everyday activities. The images, however, are not the most beautiful and the huge breasts attract more attention than any activity she does.

Known as Beshine, the 31-year-old woman has no less than 10 liters of prosthesis, accumulating an extra 9 kilos weight on her body.
The woman who was born with the name Mayra Hills says in her blog she loves the idea of having the largest breasts in the world. Her intention is to break all world records by further increasing their size.





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