McDonald’s fan personalises late-night burger order but is bitterly disappointed with what’s actually in the box

A MCDONALD’S customer was left bitterly disappointed after making a hilarious error on their order.

The unnamed customer ordered a their late-night takeaway to be delivered to their house and offered to also order some food for their best friend’s girlfriend.

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A McDonald’s fan personalised late-night burger order but was bitterly disappointed with what was actually in the box[/caption]

They personalised the order of a burger using the McDonald’s app, and wanted to make sure the item came without gherkins or sauce.

However, the McDonald’s customer got carried away when removing items from their order and accidentally ended up with too little on their plate.

When the order arrived, the customer was shocked to discover they had accidentally removed not only the extras – they had also removed the bun and the meat patty.

They wrote: “I’d clicked all the boxes saying no bun no burger no anything BUT I managed to put extra cheese. Therefore her order was two slices of cheese in a box.”

Still hungry for a McDonald’s burger the person then tried again – but somehow managed to mess up twice.

They continued: “I was so embarrassed BUT the story doesn’t end there.

“I reorder a cheeseburger from McDonald’s (via UberEats which I haven’t stated till now) but this time I’ve accidentally ordered it with no cheese and extra cheese at the same time.”

“We spend the time waiting for the delivery debating on whether this thing is gonna have cheese on it.”


Burgers from the fast food chain usually contain pickles, sauce and cheese[/caption]

When the food arrived, the customer was mortified to discover that the fast food chain had sent a box full of cheese instead of a burger.

They added: “IT DOESN’T so now my [best friend’s girlfriend] has two slices of hot melted cheese in one box and a burger with just the meat and bun in another.

“I really shouldn’t have insisted on getting her that burger…”

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