McDonald’s fans furious as fast food chains REDUCES number of Monopoly stickers on large meals

FASTFOOD fans have slammed McDonald’s for slashing the number of Monopoly stickers on large meals without telling them.

Disappointed customers only realised that the chain has sneakily cut the number of stickers from three to two after paying for their meal.


McDonald’s has reduced the number of stickers on items in a large meal from three to two[/caption]

Now, items in a large meal have the same number of stickers as a medium.

McDonald’s brought back its hugely popular game of Monopoly on Monday which sees thousands of prizes up for grabs, including £100,000, cars and free food.

Every qualifying McDonald’s product has a sticker on it that customers peel back and collect to match it on a classic Monopoly board for a chance to win.

Many customers buy a bigger meal while the game is on to boost their chances of scooping a prize, even though it can end up costing them more than £1 extra.

Items included in a large meal used to have three stickers each

The chain says that it wanted to “remove the incentive to ‘go large’” and encourage customers to make healthier choices but it didn’t let customers know about it before they paid for their meals.

One frustrated diner wrote on Twitter: “Chose to go to @McDonalds on my way home from work as the monopoly is on… bought a large meal thinking I’d get a few on it when I usually just get a medium.. end up with just the 2 on my milkshake.”

Another accused the restaurant chain of “scamming” customers, while another said it made them “fuming”.


One customers said she was left “fuming” after ordering her meal[/caption]


Amy even went as far as to accuse the fast food chain of a scam[/caption]


Daniel said he was “outraged” after finding out that a large meal come with the same amount of stickers as a medium[/caption]


One customer said he only had one sticker on his chips[/caption]

Many people buy a large meal while the game is running to boost their chances of winning

Amy said: “Got a large fries from McDonald’s and only got TWO Monopoly stickers?? Do I smell a scam”?

This is the first year that McDonald’s is giving customers the chance to win prizes on carrot bags and sides such as salads and fruit bags.

It’s a step in the right direction for the company after the game came under fire from Labour MP Tom Watson who branded it a “danger to public health” for encouraging overeating.

A McDonald’s spokesperson told The Sun: “For this year’s Monopoly campaign we have removed the incentive to “go large” as we focus on expanding the choice available to our customers participating in the promotion.

“We are now offering customers a choice between food prizes – for example, a Fruit Bag or McFlurry, and Shaker Side Salad or small fries, as well as prize labels on salads and Big Flavour Wraps, and carrot bags when purchased within a meal.”

There are three ways to increase your chance of taking home a prize: by looking out for rare game prices, using online codes at off-peak times, and wombling.

These are the nine rarest McDonald’s Monopoly pieces that you need to look out for to boost you chances of winning.

Last year, it angered customers after it ditched sticky back tokens which they felt made it easier for them to lose before claiming their prize.

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