McDonald’s is axing Dairy Milk and Crunchie McFlurries but it’s bringing back Smarties and Maltesers

MCDONALD’S is ditching Dairy Milk and Crunchie McFlurries from the menu and replacing them with two seasonal favourites.

The fast food chain is adding Smarties and Maltesers flavours as permanent fixtures instead.

Diary Milk and Crunchie flavoured McFlurries will soon disappear from the menu

Both varieties have previously featured on the menu – Smarties was dropped from the full time menu three years ago leaving fans devastated.

The Maltesers option is often spotted in stores over the Christmas period but leaves diners longing for the treat for the rest of the year.

The ice creams are being added to its core menu which means they will be available in all 1,300 UK branches, including the 1,100 franchises.

But it also means that two classic flavours have been bumped off the menu to make room for them.

Smarties McFlurry is making a comeback three years after McDonald’s ditched it from the menu
The seasonal Malteser MCFlurry is being made a permanent menu item

The classic Dairy Milk and the Crunchie are being removed from the menu – although it’s possible that they may return for limited periods throughout the year.

You’ll be able to get your hands on the newer puds from June 26 for £1.09 each but it means June 25 is your last chance to buy the Crunchie and Dairy Milk options.

Mcdonalds broke the news to fans on Twitter after asking them to vote for their favourite flavour – Oreo, Maltesers or Smarties.

One excited fan wrote: “I FEEL VERY STRONGLY ABOUT THIS BRING BACK SMARTIES”, to which McDonald’s replied: “Oh, we are…”.

McDonald’s let slip online that it would be bringing back Smarties McFlurries for good

Another wrote: “If you don’t vote Smarties you’re made.”

Someone else said: “YOU’RE BRINGING BACK SMARTIES!? Mine and my sister’s absolute favourite, thank you!!!”

But others noticed the lack of Dairy Milk and Crunchie options in the poll.

Jonny Wilson said: “That is pleasing, but it does it mean we’re losing the Crunchie? McDonald’s giveth and McDonald’s taketh away.”

Some fans noticed the lack of Crunchie option in the poll

Aero, Mint Chocolate Aero – which McDonald’s recently brought back after four years away – and Oreo will still be available for the same price.

If you’ve never had a McFlurry before – then where have you been? – it’s made from creamy vanilla ice cream that’s topped with chunks of chocolate from your favourite snacks.

McFlurries typically contain around 404 calories a pot, although they do now offer a smaller option with half the calories.

Last year, the fast-food chain quietly shrunk the size of their ice creams.

Over Easter, it brought back the Creme Egg and Cadbury Caramel McFlurry flavours too.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s workers have revealed their thrifty secrets to bagging discounts and secret menu options.

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