McDonald’s to extend breakfast time to 11am in all its restaurants

MCDONALD’S fans who crave a McMuffin in the morning will be thrilled to know the fast food chain is extending its breakfast time.

The burger giant will now serve breakfast until 11am, giving customers an extra 30 minutes to get their bacon, egg and sausage fix.

McDonald’s fans will now get longer to get their hands on a McMuffin

Previously, McDonald’s used to serve breakfast in most restaurants until 10.30am.

The later brekkie finish follows a successful trial in 122 restaurants earlier this year.

McDonald’s has 1,249 restaurants in the UK and you can find your nearest one by clicking here.

But if you prefer to eat your McMuffin in bed, the extra 30 minutes means that orders can still be placed through Uber Eats up until 10.45am.

What's on the McDonald's breakfast menu?

THERE'S plenty on the McDonald's breakfast menu to kick-start your day.

  • Breakfast wrap – with egg, bacon, cheese, sausage and a hash brown
  • Sausage, egg and cheese bagel
  • Sausage and egg McMuffin
  • Bacon and egg McMuffin
  • Double sausage and egg McMuffin
  • Double bacon and egg McMuffin
  • Egg and cheese McMuffin
  • Pancakes and syrup
  • Pancakes and sausage with syrup
  • Bacon roll
  • Quaker Oat So Simple
  • Quaker Oat So Simple Apple and Cherry Porridge
  • Quaker Oat So Simple with Jam
  • Quaker Oat So Simple with Sugar
  • Quaker Oat So Simple with Syrup
  • Toasted bagel
  • Toaster bagel with jam
  • Toasted bagel with Philadelphia Light
  • Hash brown
  • Cheesy bacon flatbread
  • Chocolate donut
  • Blueberry muffin
  • Chocolate muffin
  • Triple chocolate cookie
  • Sugar donut
  • Melon fruit bag

The only downside to the change is those who fancy a Big Mac will need to wait a little big longer until the menu flips over at 11am.

Michelle Graham-Clare, vice president food and marketing at McDonald’s UK and Ireland said: “We all understand the pain of missing out on a McMuffin by a matter of minutes.

“We have listened to our customers’ pleas and are delighted to extend breakfast serving time until 11am.”

McDonald’s is already getting all festive with the release of its new Christmas cafe menu – including a millionaire’s donut and chocolate brownie.

We’ve also revealed that McDonald’s is bringing back the mint Matchmaker McFlurry for the first time in six years.

It’s also added a pesto and bacon burger to its menu this week and it sounds delicious.


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