Mechanic uses official MOT form to call customer a ‘proper c***’

A MECHANIC called a customer a “proper c***” on an MOT form.

The expletive appears on a Government website in an advisory under reasons why a Smart Car failed its test.

Government officials were forced to remove an expletive under the ‘advisory notice item’ section of an MOT form

The car originally failed the MOT because the bulb that illuminates the registration plate wasn’t working.

But in an advisory underneath, an employee added: “Driver looks like a proper c*nt.”

It is understood that the advisory notes are written by the garages who carry out the test.

Staff from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) then copy the notes over to the official website, which is searchable by the public.


A DVSA spokesman said the person who put the rude language on to the database was not a DVSA employee (file photo)[/caption]

The vehicle, which had 77,000 miles on the clock, took the MOT again not long after and passed.

A spokesman for the DVSA said the person who entered the rude language onto the database was not a DVSA employee and was privately employed by a garage.

They urged motorists to always check their MOT certificate as soon as they are given it and take any queries up with the garage concerned.

Neil Barlow, DVSA’s Head of Vehicle Engineering, said: “DVSA’s priority is to help everyone keep their vehicle safe to drive.

“The comment posted on the MOT history service is completely unacceptable and has now been removed. We are investigating this further.

“Since 2017, there has been a profanity filter in place to stop MOT testers being able to include these words on a certificate.”



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