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At the time – this was in September 2017, they défrayaient the chronic. Without employment after the tsunami Macron, the great names of the policy are recycled by commentators on radio or television. In an interview with ” Obs “, Roselyne Bachelot, who, as early as 2012 had paved the way by settling on C8 (at the time D8), warned : “there are going to be dead ! “A cautionary forewarning : most of them have already left the antenna. Some have only an appearance : the ex-Prime ministers Jean-Pierre Raffarin and Edith Cresson, present at the premiere of ” 19 h Sunday “, on France 2, and in which it was announced the ” regular participation “, are not income. The former mp, socialist Eduardo Rihan Cypel had a month on Radio Nova. Thierry Solère, deputy LR spent at Macron, has been ruled out of LCI due to legal troubles, and the former pen of Nicolas Sarkozy, Henri Guaino, has lost his chronicle to have made “partisan politics,” according to the boss of South Radio. Axelle Lemaire, in charge of digital for the preceding five years, has disappeared from the radars of France Culture : “The CSA décomptait his time “, according to the radio. That does not seem to bother them this year.

We discuss the shops in the center of the city, as the death of Johnny

The former minister of Culture Aurélie Filippetti (such as Daniel Cohn-Bendit) will join Gaspard Gantzer (the ex-director of communications for François Hollande) in the show ” public spirit “. Filippetti as Gantzer, found on RTL last September, are part of the minority who survived. It is also the case of the socialist Julien Dray and Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, who rempilent on LCI. The former boss of the PS will participate in several debates and chroniquera once a week to the sides of Roselyne Bachelot in a new issue. “We talk about the shops in the center of the city, as the death of Johnny, which is not quite what I used to do,” he says, amused. Last year, LCI was hired Roselyne Bachelot (which will also be at the start on France Musique to talk about opera).

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This year, it is Cohn-Bendit who arrives on the chain, after having long worked on Europe 1. These two pioneers of the conversion in the media are now in withdrawal from political life. This seems to be a condition for drill : and Raquel Garrido, the revelation of the cuvée 2017, preferred to resign from the porte-parolat of France insubordinate to stay a columnist on C8 in ” Earthlings Sunday ! “the emission Thierry Ardisson. The latter has appealed to the only new head of television this season : Pierre Liscia, young elected LR parisian spotted on YouTube…

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