Medical News Today: What is explosive diarrhea?

Explosive, or extreme, diarrhea causes an individual to move liquid or free stool extra steadily and forcefully than common diarrhea. Explosive diarrhea happens when the rectum fills with extra liquid and fuel than it might maintain. Passing the stool is usually loud, as a result of escaping fuel.

The World Health Organization (WHO) outline diarrhea as passing three or extra liquid or free stools in a day. Nonetheless, an individual could have diarrhea in the event that they move extra free stool than ordinary.

Diarrhea may end up from an infection, however there are additionally many noninfectious causes.

Below regular circumstances, the massive gut absorbs extra liquid. When an individual has diarrhea, the digestion course of strikes too quick for the massive gut to soak up the additional liquid current.

On this article, we have a look at the causes of explosive diarrhea and describe what an individual ought to do if they’ve it.


An infection is a standard reason behind explosive diarrhea, however different elements could be accountable.

Viral infections

Lots of toilet rolls, possibly for explosive diarrhea
Causes of explosive diarrhea can embody viral infections, bacterial infections, and meals allergic reactions.

The viruses most frequently chargeable for diarrhea embody norovirus, rotavirus, or any variety of the viruses that trigger viral gastroenteritis. This situation is what many individuals name the “abdomen flu.”

All of those viruses are likely to unfold in areas the place individuals meet in teams, together with:

  • faculties
  • day care facilities
  • hospitals
  • cruise ships
  • nursing properties

Bacterial infections

An individual can blame micro organism if their explosive diarrhea happens after consuming or ingesting contaminated meals or water. An individual could mistakenly suppose that their sickness is a results of food poisoning as a result of the signs could be extreme.

Micro organism that may trigger diarrhea embody Salmonella, Campylobacter, and Escherichia coli , which is usually known as E. coli.

These micro organism can unfold from person-to-person by way of unwashed fingers and surfaces. If somebody has diarrhea, they need to wash their fingers completely after utilizing the lavatory, and take different steps to cut back the chance of passing on the an infection.

Parasitic an infection

Many kinds of parasites may cause diarrhea, extreme or in any other case. Two of the extra widespread are Giardia lamblia (G. lamblia) and Cryptosporidium enteritis (C. enteritis).

As with micro organism, an individual can purchase parasites by way of unsanitary situations. An individual can turn out to be contaminated with G. lamblia or C. enteritis when their mouth immediately or not directly comes into contact with contaminated fecal matter. These parasites thrive in contemporary, untreated water and in sure meals.

In developed nations, hikers, backpackers, and campers are among the many most likely teams to return involved with G. lamblia. The parasites don’t survive in chlorinated water.


Many medicines may cause delicate diarrhea, or free stool. Sometimes, they will trigger extreme diarrhea. A few of these kinds of medicines embody:

Antibiotics and different medicines that include magnesium are a selected threat.

Meals allergic reactions

Some individuals have opposed reactions to sure meals, and these reactions may end up in diarrhea.

A common cause is lactose intolerance. If an individual can’t tolerate lactose, and so they eat or drink a dairy-based product, they might expertise explosive diarrhea.

Bowel illness

Individuals with some sicknesses that have an effect on the bowels usually expertise diarrhea. Bowel-related situations that can cause explosive diarrhea embody:

Danger elements

plane in flight
Travelling to growing nations could be a threat issue for diarrhea.

Diarrhea is a standard situation that impacts round 179 million individuals in the US yearly.

Sure parts of the inhabitants are at greater risk of growing diarrhea than others.

These teams embody:

  • individuals with bowel illness, akin to irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, or Crohn’s illness
  • individuals who dwell in or journey to growing nations
  • youngsters and workers at day care facilities
  • individuals taking antibiotics or medicines that include magnesium

Therapy and residential treatments

Therapy for any type of diarrhea usually includes staying hydrated and sustaining ranges of electrolytes.

In lots of circumstances, the particular person will simply want to attend for his or her diarrhea to move. A person can eat fluids and electrolytes in:

  • broth
  • vitamin water
  • low-sugar sports activities drinks

When experiencing diarrhea, an individual ought to keep away from:

  • sugary meals and drinks
  • most dairy merchandise
  • overly greasy or fatty meals

Some individuals select to take over-the-counter (OTC) medicines which might be anti-diarrheal.

An individual mustn’t take OTC medicines if they’ve a fever or blood of their stool. An individual with both symptom doubtless has a bacterial or parasitic an infection, which might worsen with the introduction of remedy.

Youngsters below the age of two mustn’t take OTC medicines until instructed by a healthcare supplier.

In extreme circumstances, individuals ought to communicate to their healthcare suppliers about extra therapy choices.

A person might have therapy for severe infections or different underlying situations, or they might require intravenous fluids to remain hydrated.

Prevention ideas

Taking the next steps may help an individual to keep away from getting explosive diarrhea:

  • All the time wash the fingers completely after utilizing the lavatory, dealing with diapers, and dealing with meals.
  • When touring to underdeveloped nations, drink solely filtered water, and completely prepare dinner native produce and different kinds of meals.

When to hunt medical consideration

woman in bed with high fever and oral thermometer
If an individual has a fever greater than 102°F and diarrhea, they need to search rapid medical consideration.

Many circumstances of diarrhea will clear up inside a number of days. Often, individuals require no remedy.

Nonetheless, if diarrhea doesn’t go away within 2 days or the particular person feels dehydrated, they need to see a healthcare supplier.

Search rapid medical consideration if any of the following symptoms happen:

  • extreme ache within the rectum or stomach
  • a fever greater than 102°F
  • blood within the stool
  • frequent vomiting
  • passing free stool six or extra occasions in 1 day
  • indicators of dehydration, together with dry mouth, excessive thirst, and dizziness

A healthcare supplier will evaluate an individual’s signs. They may usually ask about medicines and journeys to different nations, and so they could request stool and blood assessments.


A couple of problems could develop on account of explosive diarrhea.

A standard complication is dehydration, which happens as a result of the physique can’t readily change the fluids and electrolytes misplaced by way of diarrhea. It’s important that an individual retains taking in fluids all through their sickness.

One other complication of diarrhea is malabsorption, which includes the physique failing to soak up enough vitamins from meals. Malabsorption also can consequence from some situations that trigger diarrhea, together with infections and food allergies.

Some individuals expertise diarrhea for longer durations. When diarrhea lasts for 4 or more weeks, the medical neighborhood considers it to be persistent.


Most circumstances of explosive diarrhea are short-lived, and many individuals require no medical therapy.

Absorb as a lot fluid as attainable all through the length of diarrhea. Staying effectively hydrated helps combat off an infection and replenish electrolytes. It additionally helps different bodily capabilities.

If different signs accompany diarrhea, or it lasts for greater than 2 days, an individual ought to search medical care.


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