Meet Lisa, the cute wildlife worker who raised a pack of cheetahs (38 Photos & Video)

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  1. not only should the video be removed but so should the song it was wrong for her to even make a song like this i see little 10 year old girls singing this song and it feels wrong hearing this come out of there mouths the worst part is when they say “i wanna take a ride on your disco stick” im sitting in the car with my little sister listening to the radio and this song comes up and her and all her friends starts singing this song and i hear one girl wisper to my sister “do you know what a disco stick is its a ****” i just think that today is to dirty back in the 90s a rated R movie is a pg-13 movie today i just think todays days are to dirty and porno that stuff is easy to acces now a days any child can easily watch it it should only be sold to people the right age and so should songs like these

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