Meet the fitness nut who swam the entire coast of Great Britain and did a marathon dragging a CAR behind him

MEET the fitness fanatic who is so determined to push his body to the limits that he swam around Great Britain and completed a marathon pulling a Mini behind.

Not only did Ross Edgley’s 2,883 km swim break numerous World Records – he did it with a jellyfish stuck on his face for an hour.

Ross Edgley broke three World Records swimming around Great Britain
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Ross decided to embark on an adventure that would see him spend 157 days off land to swim around the entirety of Great Britain.

He teamed up with experienced sailor Matt Knight who helped guide him on his journey and warn him of the dangers en route.

They included changing tides, a giant whirlpool – and of course battling with jellyfish.

Ross recalled the moment one got stuck in his goggles and clung to his face for an hour leaving him in agonising pain.

He spent 157 days at sea and swam with a jellyfish stuck to his face

Speaking to Unilad, he said: “I remember this felt different, and it was searing into my skin almost like a hot poker. Like someone was holding a hot poker to your face, that’s how it felt.

“I looked up at Matt on the boat, and I was like ‘Matt, I’m so sorry, my face is absolutely killing me, I’m in pieces. I’ve been stung but the pain it won’t go away.

And he looked down at me and he goes, ‘Yes, I know, because the jellyfish is still wrapped around your face.”

He completed the challenge while devouring a diet that consisted of between 10,000-15,000 calories every day.

Ross’ achievements have gone down in the record books as the first person to swim the entire south coast, the fastest person to swim from Land’s End to John O’Groats and, most impressively, the world’s longest staged sea swim.

If that wasn’t enough, he has also taken on the challenge of running a marathon while pulling a Mini Cooper behind him to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

He added: “People went, ‘run a marathon’, and I was like ‘oh people have done that, no one’s gonna give me money for that.’

“Someone went ‘run two marathons’, and I was like ‘no, again, people have done that. That’s no big deal’.

“And then someone was like ‘oh you should run a marathon pulling a car’. I was like ‘right, fine! Done!’”

It took him 19 hours and 36 minutes to cross the finishing line – pretty impressive considering Minis weigh around 2,600lb.

Rob can’t help but push his body to the limit
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Ross said he ate between 10,000-15,000 calories per day during his challenge
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