Meghan and Harry latest news – Royal BBC doc banned by Queen leaked as couple ‘inundated’ with Netflix-style offers

MEGHAN Markle and Prince Harry could get even richer in the coming months after being “inundated” with money-spinning offers, which comes as the royal documentary the Queen banned was leaked online.

The 89-minute TV documentary canned by the Queen nearly 50 years ago was uploaded in full on YouTube – to the embarrassment of Buckingham Palace.

The BBC’s cringeworthy “Royal Family” film – which was later dramatised by Netflix’s The Crown – was locked away in 1972 on Her Majesty’s orders and had never been seen in its entirety.

In contrast, after Meghan and Harry signed multi-million dollar content deals with the likes of Spotify and Netflix within months of leaving the UK, and firms are lining up to see if the royal couple are on the lookout for more opportunities to rake in the cash.

The biggest opportunity appears to be in the live events market, where Harry and Meghan could charge a fortune touring the US and recording A-list heavy live podcasts in front of intimate audiences.

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