Meghan, the duchess’s smile

“We will never know all the good that a simple smile may be able to do.” This wonderful sentence by Mother Teresa, religious, very close to princess Diana, dubbed it the princess of hearts, fits like a glove with Meghan Markle, wife of prince Harry. The duchess of Sussex became the duchess of smile by the cheerful tone which she keeps in any circumstance. In spite of the estranged family and the declarations of his father Thomas in the tabloids british, she keeps an eternal smile on her lips, as if to testify to his love for prince Harry and his affection for the English people who adopted it.

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Tuesday night, she attended on the arm of her handsome husband at a gala presentation of the musical HAMILTON at the Victoria Palace Theatre in London. The moment was solemn, the evening organized to obtain funds for the organization Sentebale, which supports children and young people affected by the Aids virus in South Africa. Elegant as always, Meghan was able to lighten up the atmosphere, always so beautiful and natural with her interlocutors.

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