Meghan Markle at Wimbledon 2018, and pays tribute to Prince Harry in surprising ways !

Love as a person, Meghan Markle and prince Harry do not stop send small messages by appearance interposed. This time, it is the young woman who was smiling at Wimbledon 2018 !

Well played ! We said earlier, Meghan Markle, and Kate Middleton have been injured yesterday by Rafal Nadal during a match at Wimbledon 2018. But in addition to the fear that has caused this action, unfortunate for the Spanish player, the media and the public connected have delighted another gesture interesting. It is, of course, the outfit that sported yesterday the wife of prince Harry. As perfectly noted by the website of Harper’s Bazaar, Meghan Markle wore yesterday afternoon in an outfit signed Ralph Lauren. And if this information may seem trivial for a good part of the public, for the connoisseurs, it is far from being the case !

In fact, if you remember the details of the meeting between Meghan Markle and prince Harry, you should already be smiling. For the other, it explains to you : when Meghan Markle went to Wimbledon in 2016, she was invited by Ralph Lauren as the ambassador of choice. With the help of chance, it is at this moment that Violet von Westenholz has had the good idea to introduce Meghan to Harry. At the time, Violet von Westenholz worked in public relations for Ralph Lauren. Therefore, it is not for nothing that Meghan Markle has decided to wear a whole Ralph Lauren in his very first match in the royal box at Wimbledon. In the rest of the news people, check out why I love Kylian Mbappé the star of our team in France and the World Cup 2018 !

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