Meghan Markle nettled by the royal family ? She wouldn’t appreciate the protocol

Meghan Markle does she appreciate really her new life as a duchess ? The wife of prince Harry would not agree with all of the details of the protocol.

Meghan Markle has quickly adapted to his new life ! The duchess of Sussex was pointed out recently in the company of Kate Middleton at Wimbledon tournament, where she was very smiling and radiant. And yet, the situation is not always easy to live for it ! In fact, the father of Meghan Markle continues to comment on his private life and that of his daughter in the media, to the point that prince Harry has reacted. According to a source at the site, Entertainment Tonight, the duchess and the duke of Cambridge would be “frustrated that he continues to talk to the tabloids and that he receive a payment for interviews”. And that’s not all !

In fact, according to a source at the site People, Meghan Markle would not agree with all the rules established by the protocol of the british royal family. For the young woman, who used to conduct her life as she sees fit, this new style of life is strange : “It is certain rules of the royal house are difficult to understand, such as the fact that the Queen prefers that women dress in dresses or skirts rather than trousers, and she asks frequently to Harry why things need to be done a certain way”. The younger woman will respect his view of things, or will agree to follow the protocol ? But don’t worry, Priyanka Chopra said that Meghan Markle was perfect in her role of duchess, and there is no doubt that the young woman will be able to find a balance that will allow him to fully blossom !

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