Meghan Markle scared and unhappy with prince Harry ? His father made astounding revelations in an interview

Meghan Markle is she actually unhappy since she is married to prince Harry ? This is what think of his father Thomas Markle !

It is known, since the 19th of last may, the life of Meghan Markle has completely changed. Finished the rhinestones and the glitter of the hollywood, the young woman is now a full member of the royal family of England. Now, she must follow the protocol to the letter in addition to representing the clan Windsor at each of its official duties. Evidenced by his recent girls ‘ night out with Kate Middleton. A new lifestyle that is challenging and that requires some sacrifices. For proof, the duchess of Cambridge had no other choice than to abandon his role in the series Suits. But while some would not have been able to withstand the pressure of the media, Meghan Markle seems to very well out of it. And yet, his father Thomas Markle is far from convinced.

Recently interviewed by The Sun On Sunday, Thomas Markle has once again made the buzz in confidence in the new life of his daughter Meghan Markle. After the father of the duchess, the latter would be in reality unfortunate since she joined the royal family. “I think she is terrified. I can see it in his eyes, on his face and in his smile. I saw her smile for years and I know it by heart. I really don’t like what I see today. This is not a strained smile, is a smile filled with sorrow. She lives maybe a few bad days but it worries me. I think she is too much under pressure. There is a very big price to pay to be a bride in this family,” he confided. That does of course not gone unnoticed. Not sure that they are pleased to the main question. Decidedly, it is things on the side of our friends the celebrities. And to be up to date on the latest news, please do not hesitate to read our recap of’ the people of the weekend.

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